Aartii Sabhaney

What and when did you study at INSEAD? 

I pursued my studies in the INSEAD Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) in Singapore and graduated in September 2019. The program was transformative, providing insights into organizational dynamics, leadership, and human behavior. The diverse cohort and the enriching discussions broadened my perspective, and I continue to draw on those insights and experiences in every aspect of my life. 

What is the trajectory of your career and how did you end up in Australia?

My career trajectory includes journalism, academics, and a corporate career. I started in advertising, then transitioned into financial services and manufacturing before finding my niche in technology and innovation. Each role has been a building block, contributing to my current focus on research and writing.

I have had the opportunity to live in different countries and cultures—I was born in Indonesia, raised in India, took on regional roles in Singapore, and moved to Australia last year. These past twelve months in Sydney have been exciting, and it has now become home for me.

How did INSEAD transform your life? 

The INSEAD experience has been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth, enriching me in ways I could never have anticipated. The mid-career academic program allowed me to sharpen my skills and view the techno-economic landscape and business environment with a fresh perspective. The interactions with the faculty, fellow students, and alumni have led to new connections and friendships I deeply cherish. For instance, when I relocated to Sydney a year ago, my primary support was a close INSEAD friend who had coincidentally moved here a little earlier. 

INSEAD also instilled a sense of rigor and fostered a mindset of curiosity, which continues to shape my perspective and actions. Moreover, the school’s engagement in handholding alumni and providing offline and online learning opportunities, such as webinars and events, has kept me informed of the latest research and thinking. This commitment to lifelong learning is a crucial aspect of the INSEAD experience that sets it apart.

What are you passionate about? 

My personal experiences have ignited a profound passion for caregiving and sensitized me to a range of issues, particularly the importance of empathy and the societal impact of technology. This and my professional background have spurred me to undertake a research project on a theme that hones in on responsible AI.

As I delve deeper into the intersection of technology, society, and empathy, I am eager to engage with the wider INSEAD community on this critical topic. By combining our knowledge and experiences, we can better navigate these uncertain times and work towards a future where technology is harnessed to achieve more fairness in society.