Beginning with the graduation of Peter Robins from New Zealand and Haley Epstein from Australia, both MBA’69s, our alumni community has grown to be the ninth largest in the world with over 1,440 MBA and Executive Program alumni (August 2017).

The Alumni community worldwide numbers nearly 54,000, of 159 nationalities and located in 170 countries. It  includes any INSEAD graduate from an MBA program or from an Executive Program that has qualified for Alumni status. In Australia and New Zealand, the community includes all Alumni who are Australian or New Zealand nationals or who have nominated ANZ as either their current home or work location.

The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) was founded by alumni in 1961. It represents all INSEAD alumni and acts as its spokesperson towards the various stakeholder groups of INSEAD. The IAA is an umbrella organisation, co-ordinating the many national alumni associations (NAAs).

Currently, there are 47 National Alumni Associations (NAA) representing 50 countries across the world. The purpose of the NAAs is to support its members throughout the world with a comprehensive and wide range of professional and social activities to nourish the network and to promote INSEAD.

The Australian National Alumni Association was formed in 1984, to be the official association of INSEAD alumni in Australia, and was expanded to include New Zealand in 1992. Membership of the NAA carries a range of additional benefits to those available to Alumni generally, and is available to ANZ alumni for an annual subscription of $125 (AUD).

You can join the NAA or renew your membership here.



At its Annual General Meeting in November 2015, members of the ANZ NAA – then an unincorporated association – resolved to incorporate the NAA as an Australian public company limited by guarantee, the best practice governance structure for non-profit organisations in Australia.

The INSEAD Alumni Association Australia & New Zealand Limited was registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on 4 July 2016.

These are the current Directors.