New Alumni President Nominee

Search Committee Nominee

Following a process commenced in December 2022, the Search Committee has presented Christophe Kowalczyk MBA 07D as their nominee for confirmation as President of the Association at the upcoming AGM.

As Christophe has already served two consecutive terms as a director since the Association’s incorporation, a Special Resolution of members is required for him to be confirmed as President in accordance with the Association’s constitution.  For this reason, Christophe’s nomination will be put to a vote at the upcoming Annual General Meeting to be held in Sydney on Monday 29th May.  We invite you to attend the AGM, either in person or virtually, to confirm Christophe’s nomination.

Please note that under IAA AUS-NZ Constitution, financial members’ votes are the ones that count. Therefore, we remind you to check your membership status and ensure it’s active! Use this link to check your status and join or renew if you need to.

Search Committee Members

Bronwyn Fulton (Chair), MBA 03D, Sheldon Harris Executive Search
Denise North, IDP-C 13 Sep
David Mair, MBA 96J
Laurent Simon, TGM F/S 14 Jul
Alix Doherty, EMBA 21 Jan
Mathew McQueen, MBA 21D