Leo Leng

What and when did you study at INSEAD? 

I did my MBA at INSEAD. I was in the COVID cohort, meaning I started with 20Ds and did P1-P2 at Singy, P3 remote and finished P4, P5 with 21Ds at Fonty.

How did you end up in this part of the world?

Before my INSEAD experience, life led me to Australia, where I met my wife at Melbourne Uni at 18. Following INSEAD, we relocated to London. A surprising turn of events occurred during our honeymoon when I received a call from an old friend, Meg, who founded Supaw in 2015. She sought my assistance to scale up the business, prompting our decision to move back to Melbourne.

Tell us about your career to date.

Before attending INSEAD, I spent two years in consulting and another two years in banking in Sydney. After completing my studies at INSEAD, I joined Deliveroo in London just before its IPO, gaining firsthand experience in the startup world. This year, I took a leap of faith and purchased Supaw (a pet bakery) in Melbourne, with the goal of scaling it into the first international pet bakery brand.

How did INSEAD transform your life? 

INSEAD has profoundly reshaped my life’s trajectory and instilled in me an entrepreneurial fervor, that culminating in my startup journey. Through INSEAD, I met my business partner Lorien Alecki, and together, we founded a Supaw. Additionally, while building my business, I secured funding from Loyal VC, which exclusively supports ventures founded by INSEAD graduates.

What are you passionate about? 

Pets and Startup. I have loved animals since I was a child, but my mum’s tragic experience with a stray dog meant I wasn’t allowed to have pets. This didn’t stop me from visiting friends to pet their dogs and cats, and that’s how I met Meg, the founder of Supaw. Eventually, I purchased the business from her.

Supaw Pet Bakery is a true embodiment of my passion for pets and entrepreneurial spirit. Our bakery specializes in tailor-made meat cakes for dogs and cats. We recently opened a shop front in Melbourne city and will expand to Sydney next year.

I would like to welcome INSEAD alumni, especially those in Melbourne, to visit us or to order some treats for your pets online. As a token of appreciation for the INSEAD community, I am pleased to offer a 20% discount on all orders. Simply use the code ‘INSEAD20’ at checkout. This offer is valid for a year and can be shared with family and friends who have a special place in their hearts for pets.