Sylvia Huang

What and when did you study at INSEAD?

I did most of my MBA (11’D) at Fontainebleau and my P5 in Singapore (where I’m from!)

Tell us about your career to date.

Pre-INSEAD, I was working in Blackrock Japan as a fund performance analyst. Curious about life beyond corporate, I joined Rocket Internet in Malaysia to launch a furniture e-commerce business. I was only at Rocket for half a year before moving to Sydney to join my family here, but I’ve caught the startup bug.

When I got my Australian permanent residency (thank you, Deutsche Bank Australia!), I dived headlong into startup life. For the past six years I ran my own marketing agency, headed up operations at a social media tech startup, co-founded a FinTech startup, and now I’m founding a new B2B/B2C SaaS venture called bMightie.

Like a digital matchmaking concierge for business connections, bMightie matches aspiring, new, and existing founders, operators, and investors worldwide for a video call on the platform.

How did INSEAD transform your life?

INSEAD opened me to a whole new world of brilliant minds and experiences during the MBA and the decade after. Deeply grateful as well to the INSEAD ANZ alums (James, Giuliana, Ariel) in Sydney who helped me settle into the city when I first got here and the alums, particularly Max and Dr Antonio, who actively supported the early days of bMightie.

Have you got any hidden talents?

I used to have a pet rabbit for six years and I ended up knowing a fair bit about pet rabbits – their quirks, care details, and all. If you are thinking of getting a pet rabbit or need me to care for your pet rabbit, ping me anytime!

What does “Force for Good” mean to you?

Personally, “Force for Good” means driving, inspiring or leading positive change that has a ripple effect on our community, society or economy. The first step may be small, but it snowballs into a powerful momentum over time thanks to the people who got inspired along the way to support the cause.

How can the INSEAD community help you?

Sign up for bMightie here – and share it with your friends who would love to be introduced with connections relevant to their business or investment stage and goals. If you would like to use the bMightie portal/matching engine for your own community, drop me a message.

How can you help the INSEAD community?

I’m passionate about supporting entrepreneurship. Reach out anytime if you have a question about starting or growing your business, navigating founder and startup to scaleup life, team building, and more. If there’s anyone I can help connect you with, let me know as well.