Embrace the power of our community with IAAB’s Inseader-to-Inseader Coaching!

Exclusively for IAAB members, this initiative brings together experienced alumni coaches and fellow Inseaders seeking professional and personal growth. Whether you’re exploring new opportunities, transitioning careers, or advancing in your current role, benefit from our alumni network’s experiences.

Transform, advance, and thrive with IAAB’s coaching!


The career coaching can be structured around defined steps, for example:
o Step 1: Establishing the coaching agreement
o Step 2: Defining career objectives
o Step 3: Defining target jobs (industry, roles, etc.)
o Step 4: Creating a search strategy and action plan
o Step 5: Practicing networking, interviewing, negotiating
o Step 6: Follow-up, feedback and support

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching can be structured around defined steps, for example:
Step 1: Establishing the coaching agreement
Step 2: Collecting assessment data & feedback if possible
Step 3: Identifying coaching goals
Step 4: Developing of coaching goals
Step 5: Providing progressive review and feedback
Step 6: Reviewing and closing

As an indication, the coachee may get 8 to 10 coaching sessions (face-to-face or video) over a 3-10 months duration. The average duration of each session: 1 to 1.5 hours. We do not recommend a coaching program with less than 6 sessions however we may offer career Q&A single sessions.
During the coaching, the coach pro-actively advises and connects the coachee with other relevant IAAB activities and programs (e.g. workshops, conferences, etc.).

Action steps for coaching:

  • Select a Coach from the list of available coaches (all alumni) and arrange a meeting with him/her or contact the Association Career Services for advice ([email protected])
  • Discovery session (for a duration up to 1:00 hour at no charge). This session aims to confirm the chemistry between the alumn and the coach, to clarify the alumn’s coaching objectives, and to agree on the practical aspects of the program: duration, number of sessions, and fees. The fees are defined by the coach, based on his/her current practice.
  • Alumni will gain access to professional coaching delivered by a trusted coach from the INSEAD community at a discounted price, and to, an online platform to facilitate the career coaching process.


  • The Association recommends each coach to charge a rate per session hour of 600 – 1000 BRL
  • Coaching contract, invoicing and payment is managed directly between the coach and the coachee.