Green for Impact

Green for Impact Brazil

The Green for Impact started in China, by an MBA19D alumni, to fight against the COVID-19 Crisis. This initiative was soon gaining alumni support in other countries, Italy, Spain, France, India…

We could not leave the power of our alumni network in quarantine! We decided to act, and act fast. We gathered a team of 10 alumni volunteers, together with the INSEAD Alumni Association Brazil, to organize our efforts to

  1. Look for initiatives we should support as a community, preference given to alumni led ones
  2. Call all alumni for action, by being connected through our communication channels and contribute with ideas, initiatives, and specific support
  3. Fundraise in phases

So, join us in this task-force, by

  1. Volunteering in our team
  2. Being connected through our channels and responding to our team specific requests
  3. Helping our fundraising goals by donating and spreading our call



Many thanks for making a difference, stay safe!


G4IB Volunteers:

Alexandre Gattaz. MBA16D
Carla Belitardo. MBA07D
Felipe Gonçalves. MBA15J
Fernanda Dalbem. MBA21J (admitted)
Julia Nazareth.  MBA19D 
Laura Macedo. MBA17J
Marcelo Tavares. MBA16J
Mauro Mello. MBA19D
Pedro Mendes de Paula. MBA19D
Pedro Otavio Mendes. MBA07D
Rafael Breviglieri. MBA19D
Rodrigo Salles. AMP19N
Valter Roldão. MBA18D