Phase 1 b


Fundraising phase 1 starts with a special initiative that strongly connects with our vision of INSEAD and Business as a Force for Good.

Given the high number of projects aimed on the supply of medical appliances, we decided to focus on where we have more value to add. Thus, over the last two weeks, our group of volunteers actively sought initiatives with: (i) high relevance; (ii) credible partners; and (iii) material impacts from our contribution (financial and other actions).

In this context, we selected the “Turnaround Fund for Businesses in Low-income Communities” partnering with Pérola Bank and Agência Articuladora de Negócios de Impacto da Periferia (“ANIP”). ANIP is an entity formed by Artemisia, A Banca and FGVCenn and acts as an articulator to support social impact business in low-income communities.

Learn more about the initiative and how you can contribute, here. We will send daily updates on our numbers through our social media channels, so be connected.

Our goal is to reach at least R$ 50k in 5 days to support selected impact businesses.

We kick off with a donation of R$ 5k by PayU, our first institutional donor. INSEAD Alumni Association Brazil (IAAB) will match with another R$ 5k donation IF we achieve an additional R$ 50k until 24-apr-20 (12 p.m.). So let’s make it happen!

This will get us to a total of R$ 60.000 or more!

We welcome you as an individual, your company or any person from your network, to donate, helping us achieve this goal and generate lasting impact in Brazil. 



We want to thank those who already contributed to the initiative “Fundo Volta por Cima para Negócios de Impacto da Periferia”.

We have now raised


R$ 43.081 !!!

Updated at 7pm on 23th April, 2020


Tomorrow is the deadline (Friday midnight) and we need R$ 7k more to reach the target. We count on you to support these impact businesses!

 Learn and donate!

For international donations please contact our volunteer team members: Julia Nazareth or Valter Roldão



Carlos Henrique B. Freitas
Fernando Musa
Jean-Marc Etlin
Nuno Gomes

And the donors:

Alexandre Sabbag
Aline Monteiro Frota Parnes
André Nitrini Guidolin
Carla Teixeira Belitardo
Carolina Badaró
Carolina Santos Laboissiere
David Sérgio Haim Nigri
Eduardo de Toledo
Felipe Sakurai
Giulia Setembrino
Guilherme Brum Gazzoni
Guilherme Gondo
Guilherme Pesenti
Jacqueline Wen Liao
Jhonatan Feitoza Bastos
Joseph Levy
Julia Nazareth Ferreira
Juliana Izabel Lino
Kenji Ahualle Horimoto
Lucas D. B. Correa
Lucas Murata
Lucas Loureiro
Marcelo F. Tavares
Marcos de Mello Mattos Haaland
Marcos Paulo Conde Ivo
Nivancir Naville
Patrícia Barbosa
Pedro Otavio Barrios Mendes
Rodrigo Salles
Tarek Homsi
Valter Rodrigues Roldão
Victor Chaves Henriques

And we are also thankful for 40 donors that have contributed anonimously for the initiative, specially to 5 that are not alumni.

It is remarkable the solidarity of our community and we hope we can reach past our target. But more than that, we hope to have contributions from as many of you as possible, irrespective of the amount. We count on you!

How to contribute
  • Bank transfer to Banco Pérola:
  • Banco Bradesco (237)
  • Agency: 0152
  • Account: 315499-8
  • To help us identify the donors, end your transfer with 19 cents (e.g.: R$100,19).
  • After the transfer, please send the receipt to [email protected]
  • Donor names may be published (without values). If you prefer to stay anonymous, let us know in the above email in the moment you send the receipt.


Thank you for supporting!