Become a volunteer of our association. What we need come in this order:

  1. Willingness to contribute and engage.
  2. Availability for the minimum requirements of the role.
  3. Some functional expertise.

Be part of our ExCo

This role requires a dedication of 2 to 4 hours per week and participation in our monthly Exco Meeting, delivering on the tasks and KPI’s of the role. Candidates are to be approved by ExCo and Ethical Committee.

Become a Club or Chapter Leader

The Club or Chapter leader must have the knowledge of the segment or region of the Club or Chapter. Must participate in the yearly planning and deliver 2-3 events per year according to the Events Plan for the year. Digital engagement of our alumni in your Club/Chapter topics is a plus!

Be a Team Member

You do not have availability to lead, but want to contribute? Join the team of one of our ExCo functions, Club or Chapter.

Lead a project or initiative

You don’t want a long term commitment, but want to support occasionally? Be part of our volunteer pool and be aware of our project’s demands.

Check here our open positions and project’s demands. Send an e-mail to our coordinator with your option. 

contact: [email protected]