Events / Navigating the Turbulence of COVID-19: Leading in a crisis

Navigating the Turbulence of COVID-19: Leading in a crisis

March 31, 2020
7:00 am - 7:45 am

The world is facing unprecedented challenges due to the escalating global uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. It is a highly complex, uncertain and fast-moving situation and increasingly dramatic measures are being adopted by countries around the world to try to minimize the crisis.

INSEAD is launching a new webinar series: “Navigating the Turbulence of COVID-19” to provide our community with deeper understanding of the key issues surrounding pandemic control and current countermeasures being taken around the world.

The webinars will be broadcast twice a week and will feature up-to-date analysis and insight from our faculty on the human cost of this pandemic, the growing global impact on the economy and the business implications of COVID-19. The webinars are free of charge for our alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Times are set for EDT.

This webinar features Declan Fitzsimons, Senior Affiliated Professor of Organizational Behaviour, on “Leading in a Crisis”.

How do we lead in a crisis and how is it different from how we lead in more stable times? The global pandemic is affecting businesses and communities worldwide and forcing all of us to reflect on many aspects of how we organize, structure and take action. There are no formulas and quick answers. Leading in complex environments – in open rapidly evolving systems – is different from how we manage more closed and relatively stable systems. There are things we can keep in mind as we deal with the novelty of whatever this crisis throws at us, and these ideas or principles can serve as reminders as we encounter others who may look to us for leadership.

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