Recruit the best global talent

Recruiters can explore the options for access to global talent through INSEAD’s Corporate Recruiters initiatives

Career development for alumni

INSEAD Alumni have access to a wealth of online development resources, job postings and professional career coaching through INSEAD’s Career Development Centre, and can attend additional INSEAD courses at discounted rates, as mentioned under membership benefits.

Whether you are looking to develop a career roadmap, sustain a high-flying career or become a non-executive director, there are tools, videos and tailored services to support you.

INSEAD’s Career Development Centre

INSEAD’s Career Development Centre aims to aid alumni at different stages in their careers and offers a guided self-help programme covering challenges such as:

  • Career design and transition
  • First 90 days in a new job
  • Surviving and overcoming job loss
  • Career reinvention and renewal at 45+

Career coaching – two sessions free

INSEAD offers alumni the option of two free career coaching sessions with one of our global panel of career coaches. These coaches – many themselves INSEAD alumni – adapt their approach to the different stages of the alumni’s career. They offer impartial advice on issues such as:

  • Defining career goals
  • Job hunting (refining your focus, presentations and CV)
  • Career change and transition
  • Work-life balance, career breaks and moving to a portfolio career

To book a session, email the Working Professionals team at INSEAD via [email protected]

Alumni experience videos

To give alumni and students an insight into the different career paths available to INSEAD graduates INSEAD have developed a series of videos where faculty and alumni share their experiences of:

  • Working for organisations like Google, Goldman Sachs or the United Nations
  • Founding a hedge fund or a social enterprise
  • Advice on networking, working with headhunters, career change, and securing board roles

Visit and scroll down to the Alumni Experience playlist.


INSEAD’s National Alumni Associations organize hundreds of events each year worldwide and generations of INSEAD alumni have found that attending both national and global events is a fantastic way of connecting serendipitously.

  • Local events (organised by your national alumni associations)
  • Global events organised by the school
  • Class Reunions – apart from the pleasure of seeing old friends – alumni in transition should make a particular effort to attend

Alumni looking for new opportunities should – at a minimum – maintain an up-to-date profile on:

  • The INSEAD alumni directory – MyINSEAD
  • INSEAD’s 14,000 member LinkedIn group
  • The “Careers” group on INSEAD’s private social network – Yammer

There is specific career support available for Executive Development Alumni through the Career Development for Working Professionals team