Learning Journey @ INSEAD

INSEAD welcomed 25 students from Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) and HwaChong International School (HCIS) on August 13th, 2015. These students enthusiastically participated in a Learning Journey organized by the INSEAD Education Club, establishing a milestone as the first high school to visit INSEAD’s Singapore campus.


The visiting students were greeted by the INSEAD fire salamander at the entrance. After a passionate welcome address from our INSEAD ambassadors, the students were taken on an adventurous and interactive campus tour themed “A Day of an INSEADer”. The tour was led by an INSEAD alumnus tour guide from Bain. At each station of the tour, INSEAD students and alumni staged a short story. The stories were connected chronologically to show the life of an INSEAD student from morning until night, highlighting the most distinctive characters of INSEAD, such as the student-driven class environment, diverse culture, team work, all-study-and-all-play lifestyle, and extensive alumni network that beats all other business schools. Following the fascinating campus tour, the students attended an introduction to INSEAD presentation by INSEAD ambassadors. Needless to say that they were completely impressed by the domination of INSEAD in various rankings and the awe-inspiring achievement by the INSEAD alumni and students all over the world.


After the INSEAD presentation, the students immersed themselves in a 90-min lecture on entrepreneurship, marketing and strategy by INSEAD students and professor. The lecture was adapted from various business courses. It not only taught the students business skills and tools but also their applications in study, university/scholarship application and literally everything in life. As the dusk was setting, the students savoured an Italian buffet and enjoyed the rare opportunity to network with 15 INSEAD students and alumni. Amongst others, the high school students asked questions such as “how to be successful in life like an INSEADer?”, “What skills do I need to get into a top university and to apply for INSEAD in the future?”. The valuable insights and experiences they have gained from the INSEADers will invariably help to shape their life journey – the true essence of the Learning Journey @ INSEAD. As the event drew to the end, the students walked home with a Blue Ocean Strategy book signed by Prof. Kim Chan and the unforgettable memory of the unique journey at INSEAD.


Ivan Lim, a student from ACJC said, “I am totally surprised to see what this learning journey has to offer. I am impressed with how great INSEAD is and the power of the business tools that can transform the life of high school students.”

According to Du Xiaonan (MBA 15J), event organizer and member of education club, the learning journey is part of the Education Club’s ambition to make INSEAD known to everyone in Singapore. The event has also, for the first time, brought four generations of INSEAD MBAs (15J, 15D, 16J, 16D) into a close-knit team to embark on a single mission that is highly meaningful to both INSEAD and the community.

For more photos of the event, please go to the INSEAD Education Club’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/inseadeducationclub and remember to like the page.

The event was sponsored by INSEAD alumni and organized by the INSEAD Education Club with support from INSEAD. We would like to thank everyone for contributing their part to the event:

15J: Du Xiaonan, Alankar Lodha, Ashley Hsueh, Claire Chen (sister Bear), Tim Wekezer.

15D: Fong Zhiming, Nikhil Jacob, Ashley Chu, Leo Liu.

16J: Ye Tingfeng, Michael Zhu, Victor Glaeser, Tan Wenyou, Nicole Leong (INSEAD Salamander), Igor Spasovski, Si Qi, Riya Chhabra, Vishal Dhawan.

16D: Aly Madhavji, Phyllis Li.

With special thanks to INSEAD Operations and IT for their support!











insead salamander

ACJC Learning Journey @ INSEAD

Dear INSEADers,

The Education Club is organizing an INSEAD Learning Journey for ACJC students (our close neighbor across the street) on 13 August. Through the journey, we want to show them how great INSEAD is and how noble and proud INSEADers are! We need your support for the following roles for this short but highly impactful project. The current team consists of 15J, 15D and 16J students.

(ACJC is a tier 1 high school in Singapore. ACJC students are famous for being the heirs of some of the wealthiest families in Singapore. The students are known to be very vocal/interactive, and their strong passion and vigor are very similar to INSEAD students.)

Roles (can take up multiple roles with no time clash):

  1. Event Director: We need 1 event director good at organizing campus event. The event director will coordinate the team to ensure the 2.5 hour learning journey has a happy starting and happy ending.


  1. Campus Tour Guide: Lead the students to a very interesting campus tour
    Time: August 13th 4:45pm-5:30pm
  2. Actors and 1 Salamander: Pretending to be lecturer and students in the lecture theatre, arguing/fighting/reconciliating with groupmate in BOR, sleep like mermaid in quiet room, partying. 1 actor will be dressed in the INSEAD dinosaur-looking super salamander suit to symbolize INSEAD Dash. (Would be a plus if you can also make salamander sound.)
    Time: August 13th 4:45pm-5:30pm
  3. INSEAD Ambassadors: Enjoy a nice catered dinner. Mingle with the students. Impress them with the awesomeness of INSEAD. Be their good buddies.
    Time: August 13th 6:30pm-7:40pm
  4. Video Master or Editor, Camera Master We are looking for two persons with professional video shooting experience (would be even better if have the equipment.) and two persons with photo-shooting experience to record the highlights of the event.We are also looking for people who are professional of video editing to do a post event video
    August 13th  4:40pm-7:30pm  (Editors will be post event)
  5. Drone Master We are looking for one or two drones to amuse the students. If you have drones and know how to control them, please hop on the team!Time: August 13th  4:45pm-5:15pm

If you are interested, please send a mail to xiaonan.du@insead.edu and indicate the roles you wanna play. Please also include your mobile and WhatsApp contact. We will conduct a trial run a few days before the actual event. Thank you!

Program on 13th August
Start around 4:45pm
25 min tour in INSEAD
20 min presentation on INSEAD
1 hour Entrepreneurship and Strategy presentation by INSEAD students (such as showcasing successful start-ups from INSEAD)
40-60min catered dinner

Best Regards