An INSEAD Student Initiative


Who are we?

We are a pro-bono organization that seeks to generate positive business impact through consulting and advisory services.

Our service offering

By conducting competitive and industry analyses and talking to industry experts from the INSEAD network, we develop tailor-made solutions for our clients’ business problems. We have a customer-centric approach that aims to delivers long-term solutions with the high

We help SMEs, MSMEs, and social impact organizations with targeted high-quality consulting and implementation services to overcome their most pressing challenges. By leveraging all the resources INSEAD equips us with, and our large and committed alumni network, we deliver client-specific solutions that focus on long-term changes.

Our value proposition targets 3 stakeholders

• SMEs, by helping them accelerate their businesses, as well as providing them access to a highly skilled talent pool;
• Emerald’s team members, by boosting their professional experience with real-life challenges and networking opportunities; and,
• INSEAD, by bringing its motto “Business as a force for good” to life