Some of our previous projects

Belgium Luxury Jeweler

This traditional Belgium-based company specializes in the designing and crafting of high-end jewelry. The brand seeks to increase customer inflow into the store and customer retention to remain competitive with larger international brands. Our team conducted consumer surveys on the luxury street of Brussels to collect feedback and impressions. Furthermore, we engaged in mystery shopping for other jewelry stores such as Cartier and Tiffany Co. to analyze these competitors’ sales experiences. Later on, we conducted interviews with experts from the luxury marketing industry to enhance our client’s marketing efforts. The outcome of this project was a marketing plan to ensure a continuous flow of traffic of customers and a more efficient use of the client’s presence in magazines and the internet.

A Parisian Tech Start-up

This client was looking to identify market entry opportunities in the DevOps market in order to generate a stable flow of income and find ideal industries to target in both the short and long term. Our team researched the DevOps market through interviews with INSEAD alumni and calculated revenue projections for the next five years. Additionally, the team investigated digital solutions for developing a more efficient targeting and client acquisition approach. We recommended a specific list of target companies in the automobile, pharmaceutical, and business services industry to our client, as well as digital marketing tools to ensure a continuous flow of traffic. Finally, the team also developed a hiring approach to ensure only talented enters in the company.