New Research Report: The (Uncertain) Future of Work

New research from INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute and Universum examines hybrid and virtual work plans across globe

A new global study from INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute and Universum investigates the question facing employers all over the globe: What is the right mix of in-person and virtual work in a post-COVID era? Specifically, the research looks at differences by region, generations and gender. The findings are published in a e-book called The (Uncertain) Future of Work.

The e-book contains the latest key trends currently dominating Employer Branding and talent acquisition, including:

  • How do perspectives on the “Future of Work” vary by age, country and gender?
  • What can employers do to address diverse attitudes and balance competing objectives?
  • How will all the profound changes in work life affect culture, Employer Branding, recruiting and retention?

To learn more:

  • Download a copy of the e-book “The (Uncertain) Future of Work” here
  • Read press release of the e-book launch here
  • Read Forbes article “What Employers Need To Know To Succeed In The New World Of Work” here






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