Webinar “Covid-19 and Gender Balance: The Hidden Pandemic” 8 July

As Covid19 continues to impact lives and livelihoods across the globe, it is easy to lose sight of the less obvious but highly insidious effect that the pandemic is having on gender balance. Early evidence suggests that the pandemic may be disproportionately affecting women around the world. Can we avoid having Covid19 disrupt the hard-earned […]

Webinar “Global Strategies for a Post COVID-19 World”

Many believe that Covid-19 will only accentuate the process of deglobalization and put in question global value chain integration. In a post-Covid world, how are geopolitical, economic and social forces likely to shape the global strategies of companies? What are the potential strengths (and weaknesses) of large multinationals vis-à-vis local players? In this webinar, INSEAD […]

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