About Us

The INSEAD Alumni Energy Global Club (“the Club”) is established as an autonomous alumni club within the INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) remit, structures, and governance. 

The VISION of the Club is to be:

  •  The network where INSEAD alumni connect to gain ideas, progress their careers and contribute to awareness on energy sector trends, discoveries, and innovations.

The MISSION/PURPOSE of the Club, through its activities and impact is to:

  • Build an accessible source of energy sector knowledge by leveraging and building on the expertise of the INSEAD alumni, faculty and network enabling INSEAD alumni to be better equipped to address present and future global energy sector challenges in their personal careers and as business leaders.

The Club ALIGNMENT with INSEAD will:

  • Augment INSEAD, IAA, NAA, and School initiatives, facilitating & coordinating proposals, offering visibility and access to the INSEAD global network.
  • Connect alumni to School faculties, experts, and global leaders, providing actionable insights to the INSEAD alumni community.
  • Promote INSEAD talents, as the Energy transition requires global vision, diversity, and purpose.


  • Grow and maintain a reputation as a visible, leading, and respected alumni global Club with a focus on Energy and its present and future challenges for alumni and School programmes.
  • Build and support a global alumni community equipped with knowledge and tools to drive Energy challenges (such as Net Zero priorities).
  • Provide sustained world class innovative events and initiatives, that are relevant, unique, globally sourced and delivered, supporting excellence in the School’s long- term educational and business interaction ambitions, also raising the global Energy challenge on the School agenda.
  • Work with the IAA and NAAs to deliver synergies between the School, other global alumni clubs, as well as local alumni clubs, leading to innovative collaboration approaches which will benefit all parties and the alumni.
  • Serve as an Energy reference platform to share international perspectives, business priorities and create social awareness.
  • Operate the Club as an autonomous alumni club within INSEAD and its alumni structures, with defined Club Board powers which shall be exercisable independently by the Club Board.
  • Pursue financial independence through various means as dictated by its planned activities, growth, and ambition, including agreement with the IAA and NAA on sharing or raising funds without detriment, and where relevant external sources of support and funding.

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