Announcing the re-launch of our Energy blog!

Dear Alumni,

We would like to announce the re-launch of our Energy blog!

We believe that the future of the energy sector represents undoubtedly the most significant global challenge of this historic period when international, economic and energy systems of our collaboration are put into test. As INSEAD Alumni, we remain committed to ensuring sustainability and security of energy supply while continuing the transformation to a low carbon society that will materially impact countries, businesses, and our personal lives.

Thanks to the continuing support from the Hoffmann Global Institute, INSEAD Life Long Learning and IAA.

We appreciate the support and collaboration of all the National Energy Clubs that engage via Ambition NetZero Series.

As part of our plans to develop the Alumni Energy Global Club for the benefit of our international alumni community we are creating a platform (this blog) to enhance alumni, school and external expert collaborations. 

We have few updates:

We created a space for knowledge leadership from notable INSEAD alumni working in the Energy Transition space, our past and future speakers from the Ambition NetZero Series and INSEAD academics. With the forthcoming blog articles and interviews we will be connecting experts and global leaders to share their views on most critical aspects of energy transition. 

This blog is a space where you can find up to date information about Club leadership and volunteers. Do check it out and reach out to extend your network.

We also offer room to events from National clubs and past and future events that are organized by our volunteers. You find the details under a dedicated link. 

A special thanks to those among you who have already expressed their interest and support, and those who have offered to volunteer. We encourage all of you to be in touch with us and submit feedback and suggestions.

We look forward to engaging with you through relevant, interesting and up to date content on the topic of energy transition.


On behalf of the INSEAD Alumni Energy Global Club Board