The INSEAD Alumni Energy Global Club Is Back!

Dear Alumni,

Finally we are back in business!

With the renewed mandate from the INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) we are delighted to revive the Alumni Energy Global Club for the benefit of our international alumni community.

We believe that the future of the energy sector represents undoubtedly one of the most significant global challenges of our time, and that the transformation to a low carbon society will materially impact countries, businesses, and our personal lives.

Our focus will be on reinforcing the global INSEAD alumni network, integrate alumni events with INSEAD Business School projects and foster initiatives to accelerate concrete actions to fulfil INSEAD’s mission as force for good.

With the forthcoming Webinar series, Ambition Net Zero: Moving to a Decarbonised World, we will start to operate as a global platform bringing together alumni, students and faculties on a journey towards carbon neutrality with the main objective to share actionable insights by connecting experts and global leaders while promoting INSEAD talents. Thanks to the support from the Hoffmann Global Institute, INSEAD Life Long Learning and IAA, all our events will be co-hosted by NAA’s or Global Clubs by partnering with Alumni sector leaders, students and faculties. 

A special thanks to those who have already expressed their interest and support, and those who have offered to volunteer. We encourage all of you to be in touch with us and submit feedback and suggestions.

One community many voices, more updates coming soon! 

We look forward to engaging with you and seeing you in our events and initiatives.


On behalf of the INSEAD Alumni Energy Global Club Board