Annual General Meeting 2022

Meeting Notes

General Annual Meeting of INSEAD Alumni Association Finland

21st April 2022

Online meeting in MS Teams

1 . Opening of the meeting

Meeting opened at 18:07.

2.  Appointing the chairman of the meeting, a secretary for the meeting, the two persons to approve the meeting minutes, and if necessary, two persons to count the votes

Markku Komsi was appointed as the chairman of the meeting.

Richard Jerome was appointed as the secretary for the meeting.

Jani Puroranta and Jari Paakkarinen were appointed persons to approve the meeting minutes, and if necessary, persons to count the votes.

3.  Declaring the meeting has been correctly called and represents a quorum

It was noted that the Annual General Meeting had been called in accordance with the Association’s rules by sending the invitation at least 7 days prior to the meeting by email or letter and a quorum was present

4.  Approving meeting agenda

It was resolved to adopt the meeting agenda as the order of matters to be dealt with in the meeting.

5.  Presenting the annual report of the Association from the previous term

Markku Komsi presented the annual report of the Association from the previous term 2021-2022. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions to any social gatherings there has been very limited alumni activities.

No corporate visits were arranged during 2021 and we were not able to hold the annual alumni ball for second year in the row. We did arrange an alumni drinks social event with local Harvard, IMD, LBS and LSE alumni clubs in September. Local alumni community has been encouraged to enjoy the extensive supply of Lifelong learning Webinars from the International Alumni Association and from the school.

Alumni association ExCo held one on-line meeting and one face-to-face meeting in 2021. Regular discussion via email and WhatsApp between the meetings.

6.  Presenting the association accounts from the previous term along with auditor’s note of approval

Riku Rintanen presented the Association accounts from the previous term 2021-2022. Mr. Rintanen also presented auditor’s note of approval for the Association’s books for the 2021-2022.

In his speech, Mr. Rintanen also covered the development of the financial situation of the Association during the terms 2015-2021, briefly describing the cash flows in the key areas of activities of the Association. Our financial position is stable, and we have some surplus form previous years.

 7.  Deciding on the discharge of liability for the Executive Committee

It was resolved to discharge the members of the INSEAD Alumni Executive Committee from liability for the financial period 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021

8.  Deciding annual activity action plan, budget, and membership fee for annual year 2022 based on the presentation from the Executive Committee

Markku Komsi presented the Activity Plan for 2022-2023 and opened discussion on the topic.

Focus for 2022 is return to normal. Practically all COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted now and we can plan and arrange social event again. During sprig we will have the alumni meeting point in Ullanlinnanmäki park on May 1st , and 25 year anniversary dinner on Friday June 3rd. For second half of 2022 we have two alumni event s under preparations and additionally there will be the Global Alumni Day.

The alumni ball has been cancelled for the year 2022. It has been agreed to organize the even as per normal schedule next year around February.

The Finnish alumni association received national alumni association status in 1995. We were not able to celebrate that in 2020, so we will do it now. Alumni association will sponsor the event. Jussi Pajunen who was the first alumni association president has promised to talk about alumni association history in the dinner.  We are hoping that this event will mark for start of post-COVID time. It also acts as small replacement for the annual alumni ball, which we were again not able to arrange this spring.

As a topic from previous AGM exco will continue to explore ways to promote Insead Directors Network (IDN) for the members that are interested in the topic.

It was suggested that the MS PowerPoint presentation used in the online meeting should be shared with all alumni community for communication purposes. This could improve the awareness of annual General Meetings and increase participation in the future.


Treasure Riku Rintanen stated that the financial budget for the term 2022-2023 will follow the actualised financial activities for the term 2021-2022. This is expected to evolve during the year.

Based on target membership (approx. 60 persons), a reasonable budget that is based on action plan for a small audience was proposed and approved.

It was resolved to maintain the annual membership fee for the INSEAD alumni association in Finland at 50 euros.

9.  Appointing alumni association president and other members of the Executive Committee

It was resolved to expand the Executive Committee membership to 6 persons. The new members nominated and approved to the Executive Committee are as follows:

President                            Markku Komsi (EMBA´08)

Treasurer                           Riku Rintanen (MBA’06D)

Board Member                 Jani Puroranta (MBA´05D)

Board Member                 Jari Paakkarinen (IEP´99Apr)

Board Member                 Richard Jerome (MBA´08J)

Board Member                 Nilla Länsman (MBA’14J)

10.  Choosing one or two auditors and a deputy auditor

It was resolved to approve Tuomas Piirtola as the Financial Auditor for the term 2022-2023. No deputy auditor was appointed.

11.  Other items mentioned in the meeting invitation



Since all matters mentioned in the agenda regarding the meeting had been dealt with, the chairperson declared the meeting closed at 18:57.


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