Visit to Marimekko 7th December 2017

A group of INSEAD alumni participated in a visit to Marimekko, an iconic fashion, textiles and home furnishing provider, on 7th December 2017. The visit was hosted by Mr. Kari Härkönen, Chief Digital Officer and an INSEAD MBA from December 2010.

The visit started with a tour of Marimekko’s Helsinki textile printing factory where the visitors learned interesting facts about textile printing technology, supply chain management as well as Marimekko’s unique approach of combining art, craftmanship and modern production technology.

Interesting discussions over a dinner led visitors to the highlight of the visit – Mr. Härkönen’s insightful presentation of e-commerce and its growing importance in Marimekko’s business and in the fashion industry in general. There was a lot of questions and diverse debate over the topic, keeping the atmosphere warm and energetic. It certainly felt that all the visitors were truly inspired and very happy to have participated!

Once again thanks Marimekko and Kari!

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