Events / Public Speaking workshop: develop your “Speaking Utility Vehicle »

Public Speaking workshop: develop your “Speaking Utility Vehicle »

14 mai 2019
18:30 - 20:30

INSEAD Alumni Association France, 19 rue de l'Arc de Triomphe, Paris 17e 75017

Atelier carrière : Public Speaking workshop: develop your “Speaking Utility Vehicle”!

Number of participants: 8 to 12
Duration: 2 hours

Public Speaking skills are essential to master… Whether it is about facilitating a meeting with a team of 5 you manage, addressing your whole Business Unit for a Product Launch, or pitching a new project to the ExCo, your speeches need to be clear, crisp and convincing. Your ability to create impact through speaking can propel your career or… it can damage your reputation if you do not master the techniques.

Participating in this workshop will give you key principles to apply for any speech so you can develop your own “Speaking Utility Vehicle”.

The workshop will be divided in 3 parts:
1- Presentation: master the basics of Public Speaking,
2- Interactive part 1: demo with 2 volunteers
Choose a recent/future speech – or choose to introduce yourself to the group. Each volunteer will present his or her 3 min speech. The trainer will facilitate for the audience to give them feedback based on the “S.U.V. Grid”,
3- Interactive part 2: participants work in small groups of 3 to practice and use the framework.
Due to its interactive and highly pragmatic approach, participants leave with practical tips they can use immediately.

Trainer: Christelle Cuenin MAP’18Feb
Christelle is passionate about Public Speaking and helping others achieve impact through speeches. A member of Toastmasters since 2006, she has won several speech contests at the French and European levels (International Speech, Humorous Speech, Speech Evaluations). She has performed in numerous Improv Theater battles and is a Master of Ceremony for conferences. She recently spoke at TEDxGEM: Turning Obstacles into Trophies | Christelle Cuenin | TEDxGEM October 2018 and has coached other speakers for similar events. Her goal is to make your ideas resonate and your speaker’s presence shine.