Mentoring Program

In a business environment characterized by multiple challenges and rapid disruptions, managing our career has become far more complex than ever before.

We strongly believe that a powerful way to reflect and successfully develop our career comes from mentoring, in which a mentor provides a mentee informal guidance to help her/him during significant transitions and/or in their current job by sharing knowledge and experience working out new ways of thinking, giving feed-back and creating a safe and supportive environment to foster development.

We also believe that Mentoring across the INSEAD Alumni network is a great demonstration of solidarity among alumni – a way to “give back” and share experiences.

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>> More Details about being a Mentee
>> More Details about being a Mentor

(Mentee/ Mentor Profile, Program Timeline & process, Mentee/ Mentor Role and accountabilities)

To become a Mentee,
fill in the application form: Mentee Application 2024

To become a Mentor,
fill in the application form: Mentor Application 2024

Mentoring Benefits f
or the Mentee:
– Gain better understanding of her/his working environment
– Get a different perspective of the business
– Be able to share experiences and get feedback from different perspective
– Enhance capability from knowledge & experience of mentor • Be provided with a safe “sounding board”
– Be provided with opportunity to discuss career options
– Increase self confidence

>> Watch Mentee Interview of Dana Anghel (MBA’13J)

Mentoring Benefits for The Mentor:
– Contribute to other success
– Gain access to new perspectives
– Enhance management skills
– Be recognized as a professional developing others