New Board Members and Executive Committee members


The IAAF General Assembly took place on November 9, 2022. 3 new board members were elected and 3 new Executive Committee members were appointed. We would like to thank the outgoing Board and ExCo members for their commitment and their energy. Thanks also to the 20+ candidates for their application.

Thank you Anne Binder, Claire Behar and Sébastien Barthelemy for your dedication at the IAAF Board. Thank you Isabelle Dresco for bein an ExCo Members. Thanks François d’Aligny who is know a board memberd and Guillaume Lot Demay who reamin our Treasurer.

Please join us to congratulate our new members : 


François d’Aligny, MBA’19J

After 10 years working across industrial operations & on-site management in Africa, I joined INSEAD to pursue an entrepreneurship path by raising a search fund, aiming at acquiring and developing a promising SME in France with the support of my limited partners and business angels.

After 2 years of search, I closed the acquisition of a medical devices manufacturer in Picardie, which I’ve been running since February. Passionate about helping people and businesses to grow wings and fly, I am also and beforehand the happy father of 4 children, the third one being born during my MBA.

In my daily life, I try to inspire family spirit, value transmission and joie de vivre around me: roots give wings !

Natasha Rostovsteva, MBA’21D

Natasha occupe le poste de responsable des programmes réglementaires, EMEA, chez Google. Dans ce rôle, elle s’occupe de la conformité réglementaire de Google avec la Directive européenne sur le droit d’auteur et les droits voisins, ainsi que sur les relations de l’entreprise avec l’industrie de presse et diverses autorités de la concurrence dans l’UE.

Auparavant, elle était responsable des partenariats produits et du développement commercial dans la région EMEA pour les livres numériques, les actualités, Google Maps, l’Institut Culturel, la recherche et l’Assistant.

Elle est titulaire d’un doctorat en médecine de la Première Université Médicale d’État de Moscou, d’un master en journalisme et communication de l’UNC Chapel Hill et d’un MBA de l’INSEAD.

Catherine Wable, EMBA’08D

Catherine has a versatile senior entrepreneurial business background that has led her to embrace a portfolio career.

Experienced C-level leader- with a solid trackrecord in B2B distribution. Catherine has held a wide range of leadership roles (from Sales Manager to General Manager, from COO to CIO …) and feels at home in operations as well as the C-suite office.

After graduating with an Executive MBA from INSEAD, Catherine co-founded BRAINBOX & COMPANY which launched the award-winning game console for the visually impaired, ODIMO. Over the years ODIMO has changed the life of hundreds of visually-impaired people and Catherine managed to run the start-up while holding C-level positions.

Since 2009 she’s been part of the French innovation and Tech scene through various roles (Startupper, Business Angel, Deputy General Manager of French Tech One, Startup Mentor…).

Catherine helps Scale-ups define their business model and build their business plan and she also advises and supports SMEs in their digital transformation’s journey.

She‘s also an adjunct professsor at the University Jean Monnet, teaching Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation and Business Models.

She’s passionnate about reading, traveling, learning, teaching and mentoring.



Antonio Fois, BFC’21D, VP Young Alumni
My name is Antonio Fois, I am Italian, I am an aerospace engineer with a Bachelor from Politecnico di Milano and a Master of Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I worked shortly as an engineer for companies like SIEMENS Energy before enrolling in the INSEAD BFC programme, from which I graduated in December 21. I now work as Business Developer at FLYING WHALES, an aerospace scale-up developing a new generation of airships for cargo transportation.

Since my graduation, I have tried to always increase my participation and commitment to the Alumni Association, first as ’21 Class Representative and now as Co-VP of the Young Alumni. I am very happy to take on this important role and I can’t wait to start working with Anna in making the experience in the association as pleasant and engaging as possible for everyone who has recently graduated from any of the INSEAD programmes. 

Miklos Tomka, MBA’97J, VP Entrepreneurship
dual national (EU and Canada) entrepreneur with a passion and track record to help (tech / digital health / deep tech) companies launch, enter new markets and to take them to market leadership (or exit)– which he has done so far 4 times as CEO or General Manager.

Drivers of his success are: a truly international background (French, German, English and Hungarian language skills and networks); the ability to define a strong value proposition for the target market (what IS the value the offer can bring), and the ability to sell that value proposition to potential clients (or to investors in case of funding needs).

During the last 25+ years Miklos helped numerous companies to grow in a range of tech areas (from MedTech to IoT, SaaS, Big Data and more). His experience as strategy consultant (Bain and Company) and CEO, general manager or business unit leader (Brother International, Air Liquide Medical, AllSight, Ubiquilux etc.) ensures that any strategic recommendations he makes are tangible, actionable and deliver results. His passion is to develop and implement hands on growth plans for companies he advises or leads to ensure that results follow the initial recommendation. Miklos’ success is also based on his in-depth understanding of technology (including hands on coding, AI or hardware experience) allowing him to talk “tech” to techies and “business impact” to (client) CEO’s or investors.

Miklos is on the advisory board of several companies; he mentors multiple startups and he coaches entrepreneurs on strategy, growth and international business.

Miklos lived and worked in several countries from Germany to France, UK, Hungary, USA and Canada. He currently lives in the South of France and works with companies globally as executive or advisor / consultant / board member.

Aurélien Blaha, VP Marketing and Communication

He comes with more than 15 years of marketing experience in the B2B software industry, from large vendors to VC-backed scale-ups. He is currently the Global Marketing Director at MINT, a software vendor in Advertising Resource Management. Prior to joining MINT, he was the Chief Marketing Officer at Digimind, a global leader in the MarTech space providing social media listening and competitive intelligence solutions. Previously, he was the Global Marketing Director with Finalcad, a FrenchTech Next40 startup, and held various marketing and customer success positions at Dassault Systemes, the second largest software vendor in Europe. 
Aurélien graduated from INSEAD Global Executive MBA in 2022, holds a Master in Strategy & Management of International Business from ESSEC Business School, and a Master in Software Engineering from ECE Engineering School. He lives in Paris, France with his wife and three boys.

IAAF’s Business & Society CoE 2022-2023 program

Please find below IAAF’s Business & Society CoE 2022-2023 program:

Please also contact us if you would like to take on an active role in the group or organize additional activities promoting responsible business.

A bit of context…

As you may know, the “ Business & Society” Center of Excellence was created within the association in 2018, briefly after the INSEAD integrated “business as a force for good” in its mission statement and launched the Hoffman Institute for Business and Society.

INSEAD Mission:
INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society

Within the Alumni Association in France, the purpose of the Business & Society CoE is twofold:


We are indeed convinced that the alumni community can be a fantastic lever to foster positive change within businesses and in society, while also helping address our current climate and societal challenges.

2022-2023 program of IAAF’s Business & Society CoE

  • We are launching this year 2 cycles of events:
  • The decarbonization cycle: will help build an understanding of our challenges and solutions around decarbonization
  • The IAAF’s Business and Society controverses: will open debates over current societal challenges thanks to 2 outstanding, opposed, and sometimes provocative guest speakers for each event (see themes below).
  • Don’t miss out on our on-going series of Positive Leaders podcasts:, launched in partnership with Sparknews, la Communauté des Entreprises à Mission, B Corp France, Mouvement Impact France et Chez Maurice.
  • Save the date for our annual Business & Society drinks. It will take place on May 25th, coinciding with the ChangeNow summit at the nearby Vino Sapiens wine bar.
  • We will also reinforce our alignment with the school and current students to help foster the school’s vision of business as a force for good*.
  • New partnerships*, notably with the Communité des Entreprises à Mission, will accelerate and strengthen our commitment to promote responsible business.
  • Le Think tank B&S* constituted during the first confinement by a group of fellow alumni (open to new members) to reflect on the after-covid, will continue its activities e.g. a white paper about Leaderless Leadership.

* announcements to come soon

 Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to contribute. We are looking forward to (e-)meeting you very soon!


The Business & Society CoE


We kicked off concrete efforts to help our fellow Alumni in Ukraine by finding hosting for alumni and their family/ friends in need of a shelter abroad.While the initiative comes from INSEAD Alumni Association France, the team is now European with 30 National Alumni Association Representatives, working every day to find our Alumni and families shelter, everywhere in Europe, and supported by the INSEAD Alumni Association. Please join us to thank our 30 national volunteers. You will find their name at the end of this article.

So far, we have managed to find a solution for 369 people and we are still receiving requests every day. We would like to thank our unbelievably generous hosts.

Some of our Guests and Hosts accepted to share their stories with us tou can read below.

Olga, our guest Tatyana Ivanova her sister and INSEAD Alumna and Xisco and Maria de la Calle, the hosts and INSEAD Alumni in Spain.

Tatyana Ivanova : « I would like to thank Xisco, Maria, Adeline and INSEAD community for the incredible support they gave to my sister, Olga. In the very first days of the war INSEAD managed to quickly organise all possible support that Ukrainian family may need. In the days when it was hard to think and act, INSEAD connected us to alumni Xisco and his wife Maria.
Xisco and Maria went above and beyond to create home-like environment for Olga in their house in Barcelona from the very first days. Not only did they open the doors to their house but also actively engaged to spend time all together, helped her to adjust in the new country and provided support in the job search. Someone who deserves special attention  is soon-to-be two year old Siena who is teaching Olga Spanish words and makes sure nobody in the house ever gets bored. The radiating energy of this family left us no chance but to keep planning and building new life!
Xisco de la Calle : « This absurd and criminal war leaves no room for happy stories. Any effort we make hardly mitigates the monstrous damaged caused to humankind.
Our sweet, cheerful and talented new roomie Olga has brought joy to our lives. She refreshes every day and every night the excitment that diversity creates in those of us who carry Insead in our hearts.
Olga will thrive anywhere she goes. For my wife Maria and me is and will be a great honour to support her in rebuilding her life. She is making great progress real quick which is so amazing  to watch! »


Iryna, Oksana and Anna, our guests and Bojana our host and INSEAD Alumna in The Natherlands

Anna : « I appreciate you and INSEAD Community for this opportunity to meet such friendly, honest, helpful people – Bojana and Arjan. Thanks to them we are safe, we feel ourselves as in home, we have usual life in common sense.   I’ll tell you little about our story, it’s not practice advice, but my feelings.  We left our home at the begging of the war , spent several weeks in different places in Ukraine🇺🇦 , we changed a location based on bombing directions. When we get opportunity to go abroad I was scared because it meant that this war was not short-lived.   12.03.22 we crossed border.. My first think was about safety, the second one was about calm life that I saw. It was huge contrast compared to Ukraine. And I had such think all our trip to Netherlands 🇳🇱.   I was ashamed to come to people to other country with my problems,  but Bojana and  Arjan were so friendly and supported us,🙏 and I started to feel relieved .. Our friends helped us with everything (house, registration in municipality and doctor, helped with clothes, money etc.). As well I would like to note than people in NL are so friendly.   Cut long story short, today is the forty fifth day when I’m not at home, my husband and my mother are far from me, but thanking for Bojana and  Arjan I’m still strong and I have hope for future.  I’m so happy to meet my new Dutch friends 🇺🇦🇳🇱  » BR, Anna


Pierre Fouques Duparc 🇫🇷
Jaafar Chafai El Alaoui 🇫🇷
Claude Perol 🇫🇷
Adeline Romain 🇫🇷
Olivier Puech 🇫🇷

Jaromir Sladkovsky 🇨🇿🇸🇰
Lucie Berankova 🇨🇿🇸🇰

Majken Bønnelykke 🇩🇰
Carl Johan Collet 🇩🇰

Markku Komsi 🇫🇮
Sofia Silberman 🇫🇮

Raphaela Balzer 🇩🇪
Marisela Aguilar 🇩🇪
Luna Yzaguirre 🇩🇪
James McGoldrick 🇩🇪
Marisa Rodriguez 🇩🇪

Sergio Gonella 🇮🇹
Stefano Madeddu 🇮🇹
Frederico Morosi  🇮🇹

Philippe Osch 🇱🇺
Alex Kraynyukov 🇱🇺

Sven Cobben 🇳🇱
Lian Krijger 🇳🇱
Xenia Rudenko 🇳🇱

Andrzej Nitecki 🇵🇱
Marek Blicharz 🇵🇱
Przemyslaw Bielicki 🇵🇱

Rita Texeira 🇵🇹

Laura Gravila 🇷🇴
Andi Malaies 🇷🇴
Magda Manea 🇷🇴

Andrew Kristensen 🇸🇪

Philippe Mauron 🇨🇭
Constanza Eufemi 🇨🇭

Nermeen Varawalla 🇬🇧
Katerina Kravchenko 🇬🇧
Margot Theocharides 🇬🇧
Rob McKinnon 🇬🇧

Evolution du Règlement Intérieur

Comme prévu par les status de l’INSEAD Alumni Association et avec la volonté d’adapter notre association à son contexte, Le Conseil d’Administration de l’Association fait évoluer le Règlement Intérieur :
  • L’Article 3.1 « renouvellement » faisant référence au renouvellement annuel par quart des membres du Conseil d’Administration – A été modifié par décision à l’unanimité des membres du CA lors de sa réunion du 2 février 2022.
  • L’Annexe 2 « liste des membres d’honneur » a été mise à jour suite à la nomination des membres d’honneur 2022 lors de l’Assemblée Générale du 16 novembre 2021.
  • L’Annexe 3 « nouvelle charte des clubs et activités (et sa référence dans l’article 3.3 du RI) ». La charte des clubs et activités a été simplifiée et mise à jour.

As foreseen in the INSEAD Alumni Association France statute, the board brought about some changes in the Bye-Laws in order to keep our Association up-to-date.

  • Article 3.1 « renouvellement » make reference to the Board Renewal – has been modified by unanimous decision of the Board members, on February 2, 2022.
  • Annex 2 « liste des membres d’honneur ». The list of honorary members has been updated following the appointment of the 2022 members during the General Assembly on Nov 16, 2021.
  • Annex 3 « nouvelle charte des clubs et activités (and its reference article 3.3 of the Bye-Laws) ». The clubs/ activities charter has been simplified and updated.


Dear Alumni,

As announced in our president’s last video, the IAAF needs to build its new Executive Committee (ExCo).

According to our board decision on July 20, 2021, the IAAF ExCo positions are opened to every Alumni members. It will be made up of thirteen positions*, seven of which are open to candidacy:

  1. VP Inclusion
  2. VP Marketing & Communication
  3. VP Membership
  4. VP Professional Clubs (former corporate clubs) and Large Events
  5. VP Social Clubs
  6. VP Sponsorship & Business Development
  7. VP Young Alumni

*6 positions already filed: President/ Délégué Général/ Treasurer/ VP Career/ VP Entrepreneurship/ VP Business & Society (description below)

Please find below the description of the 7 positions. You will find the link to apply after each description. You have until September 14, to fill in your motivation form and to declare your candidacy.

As soon as we receive the applications, the nomination committee will make a first selection and conduct interviews for every position with 1 nomination committee member + IAAF President + IAAF Deputy Manager. As soon as the Executive Committee will be defined, we will introduce the new members to the whole Alumni community.                                          


Foreword: The IAAF Executive Committee (ExCo) is a team, each member has a dedicated role and contributes actively in a very collaborative manner to the success of the NAA. ExCo extended team regroups the “permanentes” of the association as well as the INSEAD Alumni Fund (Vincent Lapras) and the Class Reps. Representative (Marc Le Borgne).  

VP Inclusion

Objectives: ensure that IAAF in all its activities is inclusive of all diversities.


  • Influence all parts of the NAA to ensure inclusion is part of their governance and activities,
  • ensure compliance with our commitments, such as the “charte de la mixité”,
  • propose ideas to Centers of Expertise & clubs to make inclusion a reality,
  • organize awareness workshops on inclusion (eg cognitive bias).

Profile:  Alumna-us passionate and charismatic leader experimented in driving inclusion in all parts of an organization. International management experience is preferred.

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Stéphanie Bompas, IAAF nomination committee member.

> Fill in the motivation form <

VP Marketing & Communication


  • Our community is extremely rich of multidimensional diversity (age, diplomas, career history, citizenship, gender, location,…).
  • Our ecosystem is constantly and rapidly evolving. It requires the development of new channels for a better reach, within the communication tools provided by the school.


  • Increase the reach of our community in a segmented manner (including VIP).
  • Build up a multichannel strategy (including website).
  • Identify partners/ sponsors to support technically & financially the development and community management.


  • Maximize the opportunity of the data base,
  • propose a segmentation of the Alumni community,
  • identify the segments with low reach and thereby opportunity of development,
  • conduct as many surveys as necessary,
  • prioritization of channels by type of activity & segment,
  • new model for events and working meetings.

Profile:  alumna-us experimented in (digital) marketing and (digital) communication.

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Anne-Céline Martel, IAAF nomination committee member.

> Fill in the motivation form <

VP Membership


  • The membership is the main source of income for the IAAF. The membership rate (less than 30%) shows great opportunities of improvement.
  • The areas of improvement are multiple along all segments of our community (e.g non MBA, young all programs, not Paris based, VIP,…).


  • Benchmark other INSEAD NAA’s and other Alumni organizations in France,
  • propose new approaches to convince Alumni to become members, e.g. social media,
  • propose innovative collection methods,
  • consider segmentation of population to tailor messages and actions,
  • work closely with other stakeholders of IAAF to have them promoting membership,
  • take stock of other NAA experience.

Modus Operandi: work closely with marketing & communication, and with Young Alumni to create contacts at campus level.


  • Alumnus-a with an association experience in membership.
  • Experience in digital marketing is a plus.
  • Managing ambition and realism of execution

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Guillaume Loth Demay, IAAF nomination committee member.

> Fill in the motivation form <

VP Professional clubs (former corporate clubs) and Large events

Objectives: the 15+ professional clubs are a key element of Lifelong learning and a great opportunity to extend Alumni network


Professional clubs:

  • Encourage creation of new clubs and support decision process,
  • ensure complementarity of clubs between each other,
  • ensure each club promotes the values of the IAAF, its Raison d’être, its engagement on diversity,
  • ensure our clubs encourage membership,
  • facilitate crosspollination with other NAA’s and Global clubs when relevant.

Large events (INSEAD Essentials)

  • Define and propose to the President event topics aligned with our “raison d’être”,
  • form and manage an event team mixing volunteer and staff to operationalize,
  • Identify speakers & moderators, and manage the interactions with them,
  • secure the funding of our big event in partnership with the Sponsorship leader,
  • make sure the format is inclusive.

Challenge: ensure good mix between face-to-face & remote events. Professionalize our digital offer.

Profile: Seasoned alumna-us (more than 10y work experience) with excellent relational capabilities and an experience of leadership in event organization  

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Anne-Céline Martel, IAAF nomination committee member.

> Fill in the motivation form <

VP Social clubs (former networking clubs)

Objectives: The 10 social clubs and activities prolong the campus experience of friendship and fun, promote open networking and have the power to attract new Alumni.


  • Encourage creation of new clubs and social initiatives (as random dinners),
  • support swift decision process,
  • Sustain existing clubs and initiatives,
  • ensure each club is aligned with the values of IAAF, its Raison d’être and ensure the socials clubs encourage membership,
  • Facilitate crosspollination across clubs, with other NAA’s.

Challenge: create networking opportunities when remote event.

Profile: creative alumnus-a with a taste for and experience in social gatherings.

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Florence Larigauderie, IAAF nomination committee member.

> Fill in the motivation form <

VP Sponsorship & Business development

Objectives: identify new sources of income for the association on top of memberships.

Scope:  from traditional sponsorship to partnership and sponsoring in kind with companies and also identification of top level services to be monetized. Benchmarking other associations will be critical.

Modus Operandi: close collaboration with Marketing & Communication.

Profile: alumna-us fund raiser with a strong network, good relational capabilities and creativity.

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Florence Larigauderie, IAAF nomination committee member

> Fill in the motivation form <

VP Young Alumni


  • Ensure that young Alumni from all programs are aware of the IAAF membership benefits before leaving the campus,
  • become their spoke person, relay their expectations and ideas to the other parts of the NAA.


  • From adhoc social events to creative projects (reverse mentoring for ex.).

Profile: a young creative alumna-us from 2020/21 promos, engaging in a close relationship with the school and recent promos.

Nota: this activity require 2 people, we are looking for a second person for this activity.

The interview for this position will be conducted by Pierre Fouques du Parc, IAAF President, Claude Perol, IAAF Deputy Manager and Stéphanie Bompas, IAAF nomination committee member

> Fill in the motivation form <


For President / Trésorier / Délégué Général : see “statuts” and “RI”

Center of Expertise Entrepreneurship (Guillaume Loth Demay)

Objectives: provide support to Alumni for their entrepreneurial journey from Vision to Exit

Scope: the CoE regroups 8 activities (Business lab, Pitch lab, Business Angels, Founder finder club, Hacking growth club, Take Over Club, Owner Manager club… and the apero entrepreneur). Relationship with Station F INSEAD Launchpad and INSEAD Global club Entrepreneurship.

Profile: entrepreneur with strong coordination skills across the 8 activities and animating of a community of around 50 volunteers.

Center of Expertise Career (Claude Perol)

Objectives: provide support to Alumni along their career journey, whatever their situation (start career, define next career step, increase impact, job search, leveraging seniority, launching/ scaling own business)

Scope: the CoE provides a portfolio of activities tailored to Alumni needs:

  • One-to-one interactions: Career Consultation, Mentoring, Coaching,
  • group activities: workshops, co-development cycle, networking, outplacement,
  • Continuous learning: conferences and master classes.

Challenges: mix of face-to-face events & digital interactions; professionalize digital offering.

Profile: Experienced business leader or HR professional, with strong coordination skills:

  • Coordinate the professional and diverse Career committee, each member driving a set of activities, and ensure adaption of the offer to evolving Alumni needs;
  • also animate a network of 50 + volunteers.
  • Develop links with school (CDC/CDWP) and IAA.

Center of Expertise Business & Society (Solenn Marquette)

Objectives: Aligned with INSEAD motto; Business as a Force for Good, instill the importance of allying business with sustainable development goals.

 Scope:  3 directions

  • increase awareness across community in relationship with clubs and through Essentials and conferences, also based on the Thinktank outputs,
  • advocate through blogs, switch videos and podcasts,
  • act, for ex. SDG Smart labs for Alumni

Profile: Convinced person that Business & sustainable development goals can go together, team player with strong coordination skills across a large portfolio of activities and around 50 volunteers, and managing interaction with the HGIBS. 


L’Association est à la recherche d’un nouveau talent/ The IAAF is looking for new talents.

Ci-dessous l’offre que nous proposons. N’hésitez pas à transférer ce mail à vos réseaux/ Please find below our job offer. Feel free to share with your network



L’INSEAD Alumni Association France rassemble les anciens élèves de l’INSEAD. Notre association est la plus active des 45 associations nationales avec l’organisation de 200 événements par an et plus de 7000 Alumni présents sur le territoire.

Les cotisations sont un enjeu clé de l’INSEAD Alumni Association France. Aux côtés de l’équipe de l’IAAF, vous aurez la charge :

Gestion de la base de données :

  • Activation des profils membres
  • Manipulation des données pour créer des segmentations sur un fichier Excel
  • Relation avec le campus

Exécution des campagnes de cotisation :

  • Gestion des différentes boutiques en ligne de l’Association
  • Envoi des campagnes par mail/ SMS/ etc.
  • Campagnes de relance téléphoniques

Reporting :

  • Réalisation d’un rapport hebdomadaire de l’avancée de la campagne

Spécificité : Nous demandons une excellente connaissance d’Excel afin de pouvoir manipuler la base de données. Nous demandons également que la candidate ou le candidat parle anglais et français.

Enthousiasme, empathie et ténacité devront vous accompagner pour cette mission. Notre équipe opérationnelle composée de 4 personnes sera ravie de vous accueillir.

Localisation : Remote ou Paris 17 (à définir)
Durée : Mission du 1er Septembre au 30 juin 2022
Fréquence : 3 jours par semaine à répartir

Merci d’envoyer votre candidature
à [email protected]


The INSEAD Alumni Association France gathers 7000 Alumni in France. Our association is part of the 45 national alumni association in the world and we organize 200 events per year.

The membership campaign is a key issue for the IAAF. You will be in charge of:

Database management:

  • Members activation
  • Data manipulation on Excel/ creation fo segments
  • Relationship with INSEAD

Membership campaign execution:

  • online shop management (2)
  • Send the membership campaign (mail, SMS, VMS)
  • Telephone follow-up


  • A weekly report of membership campaign results

Candidates shall have excellent knowledge of Excel for data manipulation. We also want candidates speaking french and english.

Enthusiasm, empathy and tenacity are required for this mission. Our team of 4 people is looking forward to welcoming you!

Where: Remote or Paris 17 (tbd)
Duration: from Sept 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022
Frequency: 3 days per week 


de l’INSEAD Alumni Association France


MARDI 15 JUIN 2021 A 18HOO
TUESDAY JUNE 15, 2021 AT 6:00 PM Via zoom

Réservé aux Membres de l’Association à jour de leur cotisation