Class Representatives

We are happy to share with you the list of your Class Representatives. With 62 years of promotions, their role is ESSENTIAL for the strength of our network.

The role of Class Reps. includes all diploma in one year and you can have one, two or three class reps who:

  • Animate my year of promotion and organize events 
  • Identify the Alumni in need of support or help
  • Convey and idea/ need from my year of promotion to the IAAF
  • Spot some new volunteers
  • Share with me the IAAF services and activities

If you cannot find your year of promotion in the list below, it means you don’t have a class reps yet. If you want to become one, please contact Jane Bertch, our VP Social Clubs.

1960, 1961, 1962 Philippe Guérin MBA [email protected] 
1963 Gunther Mauerhofer MBA [email protected] 
1968 Michel Brisset MBA [email protected] 
1969 Alain  Touveron MBA [email protected] 
1971 Alfred Tiano MBA [email protected] 
1974 Philippe Villette MBA [email protected] 
1975 Thomas Bittner MBA’75 [email protected]
1980 Daniel Fulda MBA [email protected]
1982 Patrick Adam MBA’82J [email protected]
1984 François Canivet MBA’84D [email protected]
1984 Stefan Berger MBA’84D [email protected]
1987 Marc Le Borgne MBA’87D [email protected]
1988 Ronald Berger-Lefébure MBA’88J [email protected]
1989 Pierre Fouques Duparc MBA’89D [email protected]
1992 Etienne Koehler MBA’92J [email protected]
1993 Anne-Céline Martel MBA’93D [email protected]
1993 Jocelyn  Phelps MBA’93D [email protected]
1996 Amaury Simon MBA’96D [email protected]
1996 Vincent Lapras MBA’96J [email protected]
1997 Nicolas Bontron MBA’97J [email protected]
2000 Jérôme Barbaron MBA’00D [email protected]
2000 Stephanie Bompas MBA’00D [email protected]
2000 Jean-Dominique Rey MBA’00D [email protected]
2002 Blandine Multrier MBA’02J [email protected]
2002 Christophe Lorin MBA’02J [email protected]
2002 Rodrigo Sepulveda-Schulz MBA’02J [email protected]
2004 Alexis Hernot MBA’04J [email protected]
2004 Sebastien Thomas MBA’04J [email protected]
2005 Emma Bernard-Papadakis MBA’05D [email protected]
2005 Thibaut Mallet De Chauny MBA’05J [email protected]
2006 Anne-Claire Vieux MBA’06D [email protected]
2007 Paul Bellavoine MBA’07D [email protected]
2008 Valérie Coscas MBA’08D [email protected]
2008 Dana Patrichi EMBA’08D. [email protected]
2009 Amel Bendjaballah MBA’09J [email protected]
2009 Basile Cayatte MBA’09J [email protected]
2009 Tayer Gayes EMBA’09 [email protected]
2010 Fabien Lansade EMBA’10D [email protected]
2010 Nicolas Fries MBA’10J [email protected]
2010 Fabien Marcantetti MBA’10J [email protected] 
2010 Stanislas Bailly MBA’10J [email protected]
2011 Xavier Pernot EMBA’11D [email protected]
2011 Maja Monika Caplette MBA’11J [email protected]
2011 Pierre Jurek MBA’11J [email protected]
2012 Philippe Mettey EMBA’12D
2012 Grégoire de Chevron Villette MBA’12J [email protected]
2013 Louis Jardel MBA’13D [email protected]
2013 Joanne  Schanté MBA’13D [email protected]
2013 Mohammed Sahily EMBA’13D [email protected]
2014 Aziz Temimi MBA’14D [email protected]
2014 Chahine Hamila EMBA’14Dec [email protected] 
2014 Claire Behar BFC’14 [email protected]
2015 Vincent Varlet EDP’15 [email protected]
2015 Gaëlle Mettey EMBA’15Dec [email protected]
2015 Pierre Jurek MBA’11J [email protected]
2016 Saskia Gentil EMBA’16D [email protected]
2016 Thierry Ethevenin MBA’16J [email protected]
2017 Hicham Aber MBA’17J [email protected]
2019 Ania Feraoun EMBA’19Dec [email protected] 
2020 Anna Dona-Hie MBA’20J [email protected]
2021 Alessandro Clemente EMBA’21 [email protected]
2021 Henrietta Hearth MBA’21J [email protected]
2021 Tristan Renondin MIM’21 [email protected]
2021 Maximilian Rieder MIM’21 [email protected]
2021 Antonio Sebastian Fois BFC’21 [email protected]