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About the INSEAD Alumni Auto+Mobility Club

The INSEAD Alumni Auto Club was created 20 years ago to bring together alumni in France interested in the automotive industry, by organising events and networking sessions.

A major step forward in providing this service to the alumni was reached when the club started its affiliation to the Groupe Professionnel Automobile run by alumni of the Arts et MĂ©tiers.

This gave access to events organised by the GPA and by many of the other Grandes Ecoles in France, who are also part of this group.

The change of focus from purely automotive to Auto+Mobility will enable the club to offer a service to alumni from many different areas, including mobility related start-ups, private and public sector transport providers, urban planning agencies and mobility related financing.

In this context, the INSEAD Alumni Auto+Mobility Club and our partners will be organising events that will look at the key issues mentioned above, in particular from a business perspective.

These will include issues like:

  • the business models of urban mobility providers
  • co-existence of public and private mobility in cities through MaaS
  • urban versus rural mobility solutions
  • a European mobility model versus China and the US
  • the impact of the decline of diesel in Europe
  • the real advantages of the autonomous car

The next event jointly organised with our partners will take place in Paris on 27 November 2018.

La mobilité urbaine à Paris en 2024 – Ses acteurs seront-ils encore français?

Quels business models?

So, what’s going on with automotive? 

Peter Lakin, President INSEAD Alumni Auto+Mobility Club France

November 2018



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Contacts : 
Peter Lakin (MBA 88D) 

Maxime Copin (MBA 14D)

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