Future of Europe

We need Europe.
Europe needs us.
But how ?
Europe is one of the largest and most important communities on earth, by its
history, size and potential. At the same time, Europe suffers often from a lack of
broadly supported political will, and the power and speed to make and implement
decisions. External and internal pressure of all kinds often makes the necessary
progress difficult if not impossible.
Several institutions of the European Union are currently preparing for next spring a
large conference about the « Future of Europe », to discuss what must be done to
move ahead – and get the necessary support of the European people.
Let us seize the opportunity and contribute our suggestions – as alumni of one of
the most important European and international business schools:

ď‚· express our thoughts, expectations and suggestions
ď‚· discuss and improve our suggestions (internally and with guest speakers)
ď‚· submit (individually) our proposals to the EU institutions
ď‚· create awareness in our personal and business networks


Paul von Troschke (MBA’76) [email protected]

and Clive Hole (MBA’75) [email protected]