Longevity/ silver economy Club

The Longevity Economy is defined as the economic opportunities arising from the public and consumer expenditure related to population ageing and the specific needs of the population over 50. In France alone, the population of those aged 60 and above stands at 15mn today is likely to surpass 20mn by 2030 with the potential to generate more than 130bn euros in revenue per year.

• Create increased awareness and better understanding of the potential of the longevity economy, in order to facilitate the development of products and services in the sector;
• Bring about increased collaboration among the various actors by creating opportunities for them to meet and exchange views with a view to discovering business opportunities.

Krish Buchet (MBA’07J) [email protected]

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avec Delphine Mallet, CEO of the Homecare & Healthcare Business Unit, Le Groupe La Poste
Damien Cacaret, Directeur délégué aux activités Seniors, Groupe Oui Care
Yannick Provost, Product Marketing Director – Elderly, Orange