INSEAD Alumni Business Angels Club France

BAngels This club gathers INSEAD Alumni who wish to become Business Angels or experimented Business Angels and will invest into new Start up projects. The projects can cover all industries / services. The Club has a three steps approach

  • Elevator Pitch
    Projects are selected to be presented to the INSEAD Angels during a plenary session with an «elevator pitch » type of approach.
  • Instruction
    The interested Business Angels are then working with the project owners, on their business plan and decide individually to invest (or not !) and how much ! Under the coordination of INSEAD Angels.
  • Follow up meetings
    All projects the INSEAD Angels have invested in will be followed with a regular update to the club.

The approximately hundred INSEAD Angels have already examined 15 projects, presented 5 at an elevator pitch session and instructed 3.

Contact :
Guillaume Loth Demay YMP 05Sep 

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