INSEAD ESSENTIALS is our flagship event and will be held on remote for the first time ever. This exclusive series of 4 webinars will gather academic, business leaders and alumni to address the most challenging topics of our times. Be ready to build the world of tomorrow !

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Making change an opportunity rather than a threat, has always been a critical success factor for companies. But it seems that change… has changed!

The Climate Emergency, the need for more inclusiveness and equality had already been game changers but the Covid-19 situation we are facing is carrying us towards a new Change and a new way of working.

How will Business Leaders go one step beyond and internalize change?

In this new INSEAD Essentials Edition, we have asked Business Industry experts and academic to explain how they incorporate this ‘new change’ into the core of their strategic vision and governance.


#2 Leadership for sustainability  

📅 November 5th 2020 (6:30pm)

Global Warming seem to be the #1 challenge in/ of our society. How does business address this environmental crisis?

In a nutshell, will the economic recovery be green, how can corporations recreate their business vision and strategy to make it sustainable, and have a positive impact on climate, biodiversity and people?

We will be pleased to welcome a panel with:

  • Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Lafarge Holcim
  • George Desvaux, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at AXA
  • Michel Frédeau , George Desvaux, Tim van Vliet , Magali Anderson
  • Tim Van Vliet, MBA INSEAD 19, co-founder, INSEACT

Moderated by

  • Bianca Pitt, Strategic Advisor on Environmental and Sustainability Issues Environmental Funder

This session will be followed by a presentation of the new CARBON NEUTRAL INSEAD COMMUNITY.

Sophie Boyer Chammard, MBA INSEAD 97, VP Business & Society, IAAF and Chloé Andriamihaja, MAP INSEAD 17, Co-founder, CIC, will share the key figures of the Single Use plastic challenge and the Food challenge.

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#3 Inclusive leadership | Looking at the benefits to create a new leadership style
📅 December 8th 2020 (6:30pm)


Inclusive leadership is often presented as the best required form of leadership to drive and succeed in our changing world. We will focus on gender parity as an important starting point to discuss diversity.

We will discuss some key questions such as: Is a new leadership style needed? How the new ways of work may impact diversity & inclusion? What makes us believe that diversity is driving better performance?

We will be pleased to welcome a panel with:

  • Janet Dekker, MCC INSEAD 2006, EVP HR, Air France-KLM group (tbc)
  • Juan Ignacio Amat, MBA INSEAD 04, General Manager France, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (tbc)
  • Guy Mamou-Mani, Co-President OPEN Group and #JamaisSansElles (tbc)
  • Alix de Zélicourt, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company (tbc)


#4 Future Of Work |
How people and organizational strategies integrate the impact of new technologies (AI, robotics, digital systems) on business?

📅 January 19th 2020 (6:30pm)

The actual multifaceted crisis is increasing the speed of the technological transformation of industries and services.

Gaining a competitive advantage through new technologies requires new organizational and people strategies. How can businesses leverage on AI across their organization and deploy it across functions? Which sectors, types of organizations, business functions do the most benefit from AI? What are existing & emerging solutions?

The panel will be announced shortly


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#1 Next Normal perspectives from INSEAD Alumni

📅 October 7th 2020 (6:30pm)


The world has entered new reality defined by unknowns. New behaviors and ways of doing business that were unimaginable are rapidly becoming normality.

The “Next Normal Perspectives” project has been launched in April 2020 to invite INSEAD Alumni to join a collective brainstorming. Let’s discover the ground-based sense of how they are defining and dealing with the new challenges…

The findings will be presented by:

  • Philippe Poggianti, TIEMBA INSEAD 11, Head of Value-Based Selling, Nokia

We will be pleased to welcome a panel with:

  • Pr. Charles Galunic, Professor of Organization Behaviour, and the AVIVA Chaired Professor in Leadership and Responsibility
  • Jean-Marc Liduena, MBA INSEAD 99, Senior Partner, KPMG Global Strategy Group
  • Jérôme Pécresse, President & CEO, GE Renewable Energy

Moderated by

  • Cigdem Demirel, EMBA INSEAD 12, Executive Project Management Leader Onshore Wind Asia Pacific, GE Renewable Energy


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