Join the INSEAD Alumni France Community: Embrace Flexibility, Networking, and Continuous Learning

Transform Your Professional Journey with Tailored Membership

At INSEAD Alumni Association France, we understand that every career path is unique. That’s why we’ve redesigned our membership to offer you unparalleled flexibility and value. With our date-to-date membership, your journey with us lasts a full 12 months from the moment you join, aligning perfectly with your personal and professional timeline.

Seamless Experience with Recurring Payment

Embrace ease and convenience with our innovative recurring payment option. Set up once, and enjoy uninterrupted access to a wealth of opportunities. Forget the hassle of annual renewals – stay continuously connected to our vibrant community of leaders and changemakers.

Your Gateway to Global Connections and Learning

  • Networking: Connect with over 7700 alumni across 90+ nationalities. Engage in our 200+ annual events, including INSEAD Random Dinners and private exhibitions in Paris.
  • Learning: Enjoy free access to 20+ clubs and webinars, exclusive leadership masterclasses, and substantial discounts on INSEAD programs.
  • Support: Benefit from career workshops, mentoring programs, and unique opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Step into a realm where your professional aspirations meet endless possibilities. Join INSEAD Alumni France today and shape the future you envision.


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Payment Methods

You can include the amount of your annual fee in your professional fees if the network is useful to you in your work or if you are an entrepreneur