When Business delivers prosperity and positive impact on the Society
Conference from 7:00 to 10:00pm, followed by a cocktail/dinner
Microsoft Campus, Issy Les Moulineaux

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Let’s equip the leaders to make decisions in ways that deliver positive outcomes for business, communities, people and our planet.

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18:30 – Registration, welcome drink and snacks at Microsoft campus
19:00 – Introduction by
Thomas Bittner, President, INSEAD Alumni Association France
Carlo Purassanta, President Microsoft France
A Force for Good: Forging a New Social Contract
This new social contract has a specific goal: To create alignment between the raison d’etre for business and the interest of people and the planet. If we are not the ones to model a new set of norms, then who will? And if we do not set forth on this journey now, then when will we?
Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD
How can leaders take advantage of the on going economical, technical and business trends to make Business “A Force for Good for Society”?
Fireside chat with:
Katell Le Goulven, Executive Director, Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, INSEAD
Marie-Claire Daveu, Directrice du Développement Durable et des Relations Institutionnelles Internationales, Kering,
Nicolas de Bellefonds, Head of BCG Gamma, BCG’s unit for Data Science and AI
Carlo Purassanta, President Microsoft France.
How can we increase the positive Social Impact of Business on Society?

Introduction by Olivier Kayser, founder and managing Director, Hystra
Followed by a panel with Olivier Kayser,
Jean Yves Le Gall, President, Centre National d’Études Spatiales
Benoit de Fleurian, Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy Paris and Head of Behavioural Sciences, Ogilvy Consulting (also in charge of the Gates Foundation communication)
Garance Watez-Richard, Head of AXA Emerging Customers
Moderated by Rémi Bollack, CEO Premium Peers
Business Ethics – When Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was questioned by the US senator about Cambridge Analytica scandal, “Is what Facebook did Ethical?” he answered “It was legal” …

Introduction by Jean-Marc Liduena, Senior Partner, KPMG Global Strategy Group
Followed by a penl with:

Jean Michel Guillon, Group Senior Executive Vice President. Michelin
Isabelle Falque Pierrotin, former President, CNIL, in charge of “Grand Débat” of the French Government
Valérie Coscas, Head of Partners and Alliances, Amazon Web Services
Marc François-Brazier, Chief HR Officer
Moderated by Jean-Marc Liduena
Walk The Talk- the Hidden Talent Project” by the INSEAD Alumni Association France

Annie Kahn, project founder, journalist at Le Monde will lead a description of the elements of the project with:
Theo Scubla, co-founder of Wero, a job board for refugees
Hamze Ghalebi, political refugee and entrepreneur
Thomas Grimaud, INSEAD Alumni and Executive Vice President, BU Engineering & Solutions, Axens Group, who is using “Hidden Talents” to recruit.
22:10 Conclusion and Cocktail dînatoire