Working effectively in a French Cultural Environment-New Workshop

New Workshop : Working effectively in a French Cultural Environment – NEW IN ENGLISH

So many of us are delighted when we hear we’re going to be taking on a role in France – it’s an exciting, challenging, complex and dynamic market that we may already know having lived or studied here before.

Initially it seems relatively easy to navigate and we can use our skills as international executives and leaders to integrate successfully. However, the challenge is that in the French culture what you see is not always what you get and it’s only later that we become aware of the subtleties and how we may not have been as successful as we thought.

This session is an interactive session where we will:

  • take an in-depth look at the French culture based on models including the latest work from Erin Meyer at INSEAD;
  • translate these insights into how we can be more effective at an individual, managerial and organisational level;
  • come away with some actions that we can put into practice straight away to enhance our effectiveness but also our enjoyment of our work in the French environment;

The session will be lead by Jane Aubriet-Beausire, an expert in leadership development and coaching who designs and runs learning events for multinational companies world-wide. She is specialised in cross-cultural career management having been involved with INSEAD for several years as well as teaching this subject at HEC business school. Having lived and worked in six different countries with France being her permanent home since 2002, she will also bring perspectives, laughter and stories from her own experience.