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CANCELLED / Business & Society Community: Money as a Force for Good

März 19, 2020
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Allianz Global Investors, Bockenheimer Landstr. 42, Frankfurt 60323 (Germany)

Dear Alumni,
After careful consideration of all aspects, the IAAG board has decided to cancel all events based on the increased number of infections with SARS CoV-2 in Germany until the Easter holidays as of now.
We are aware that there might be only a moderate risk of infection. However, there has been a strong increase of infections and we would like to act in a preventive way for our members as well as our speakers. In this way, we as IAAG contribute to the slowdown of the distribution of the virus.
We thank you for your comprehension and your support.
Kind regards,
the IAAG board
Raphaela Balzer, Bettina Langenberg, Barbora Moring, Patrick Grünewald, Ashutosh Kumar, Marisa Rodrigues und Constantin Tillmann



The Business & Society [email protected] welcomes you to our third event on Business as a Force for Good. This next topic focuses on Sustainable Finance and how money – when combined with ethical innovation- can be a decisive force to transition to a more sustainable economy.

“Money as a Force for Good“ concerns all of us. In our everyday choices we are touching money: Whether buying food, clothing or smart phones, traveling, buying insurance policies or investing in stocks the power of us as responsible consumers is making a difference in how much waste is produced and if the planet and its resources are consumed sustainably- or not.

Billions of Dollars are invested by money managers every day. Should this money not be able to make an impact by earning returns on sustainable terms. More and more Asset Managers and Pension Fonds are developing sustainable investment strategies and have concepts for “carbon free“ portfolios. Just recently the CEO of BlackRock wrote a letter to all major companies calling for transparency on sustainable products and services otherwise BlackRock will no longer invest in those companies and the CEO of Goldman Sachs said they would not take IPOs public that did not have women on the Board.

Key-Contributors will spice up our inspiring discussion.

18:00-18:30          Arrival and Networking
18:30-18:45          Welcome and Opening
18:45-20:00         Views from Speakers
20:00-21:00         Facilitated Interactive Session with all
21:00                      Takeaways and „Fade Out“ (with option for continued networking)

What you can expect that evening:
With a keen focus on facilitating meaningful connections, we have designed an evening to gain knowledge, share best practices, and cultivate our awareness as agents of change through an interactive, participatory format. As a community, we work to raise the bar on new ideas, insights, connections and inspiration.

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