Events / Talk Lean with Alan Palmer- interactive session

Talk Lean with Alan Palmer- interactive session

April 8, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

This is an event for IAAG members only. Accompanied partners are welcome to join.

If you like to become a member – please klick fill out the application form and send it to [email protected] 

Date/Time: April 8th from 5.30 – 7.00 pm

What to expect: Interactive workshop with breakout sessions.

Language: English

Limited capacity: first come, first served.

Registration required at eventbrite. In case you have to cancel your attendance due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact [email protected] or return your eventbrite ticket. Members from the waiting list will appreciate your courtsey.

The Workshop will be conducted with Zoom.  You will receive the login details 2 days ahead of the event. Please block the date in your calendar.

Dear Alumni,

Managers in any industry and in any function typically spend anything between 70% and 100% of their time dealing with other people, both inside and outside the organisation, in meetings, on the ‘phone and now on Zoom or Teams – managing up and down, negotiating, selling, persuading, influencing, arbitrating, nurturing and motivating. This workshop, a short introductory version of the “Talk Lean” elective offered to MBAs at INSEAD, will suggest some simple principles and frameworks which will help you to get more concrete results from your interactions with others, more quickly and with a more positive impact on the relationship.

In order to make the impact of the workshop immediate, and to focus on the practical rather than the theoretical, Alan needs you to send him  some simple, real-life examples of challenging meetings you have coming up in your diaries – for example, making a difficult request, announcing difficult news, giving feedback up or down the hierarchy etc.  Please describe in one or two lines (without using the real names of the people or companies concerned) who you need to talk to, what you want to say or ask for and what your relationship with the other person is, both in terms of hierarchy (“she’s my boss”; “we’re at the same level” etc) and at a personal level (“we don’t really know each other”; “we’re friends as well as colleagues”; “we work together but keep our distance” etc.).

During the workshop, Alan will only be able to address 1 or 2 of the examples provided – but if he’s unable to use your example in the workshop, he undertakes to make himself available by ‘phone or mail after the workshop to give suggestions and advice on any example which has been submitted.

Alan Palmer:

The workshop will be run by Alan Palmer (MBA ‘86D), a senior partner at Interactifs UK and the author of “Talk Lean: Shorter meetings. Quicker results. Better relations.” (Capstone 2013). As well as running the elective at INSEAD, Alan and his colleagues teach Interactifs’ innovative approach to executives at every level in blue-chip companies, SMBs, start-ups and public sector organisations around the world, and in 13 different languages