Founder’s Trek Berlin

The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club  is happy to announce the organization of a Founders‘ Trek in Berlin on days 21/22/23 of September! In a nutshell, 3 strong objectives:

1) Providing a space for INSEAD students with the ambition to found a company after INSEAD to get clarity on what it means to be a Founder
2) Create meaningful conversations between INSEAD students and Berlin Alumni, Founder and other key actors (VCs, incubators…)
3) Present the Berlin Startup scene to current students

On Friday afternoon (Sept 22nd) we planned a round table session and we are looking for Alumni who would be able to answer to students’ questions such as:

  • How to raise funds?
  • How to build an efficient team?
  • How to build a POC (proof of concept)?
  • How can I choose the right incubator?
  • How can the Alumni help me in my venture?

If you recognized yourself in this description please join us and send a mail to”


IAAG Annual Conference 2017 – Media & Entertainment

Meet us in Cologne!

From 8 – 10 September 2017 we will visit thrilling companies, meet outstanding entrepreneurs, enjoy extraordinary locations, meet INSEAD Faculty and explore what makes this city so unique.

Nowhere else in Germany is the media & entertainment industry so creative and so broadly diversified. Whether film or television, ICT or games, whether big companies or vibrant start-ups, the Cologne media companies are open to challenges and working on new developments across all sectors and are market-leading in many areas – sometimes worldwide.
During this year’s Annual Conference, we will get a taste of future media technologies and we will join a debate on perception vs reality and on the balance between independent critical reporting and mass entertainment.

Join us where world-famous cathedral spires tower over Germany’s oldest city and its many cultural and historical treasures. Take a trip through 2000 years of history from the Roman Empire to modern times…