Groups and regional activities bring together alumni who share a common interest in various industries and activities. Our  voluunteers organise events that will contribute to your knowledge and professional development.

We would like to thank all volunteers for their  ongoing support!

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 Contacts Regions

Hamburg Yannik Keller, MBA’16J
Moritz Schildt MBA’98D
Berlin Silvia Baumann MBA’14 D
Carlo.Hohmann MBA’
Rhine-Ruhr Beatrix Biren MBA’97 J
Bogdan Canda CCC’12 Jul
Rhine-Main Albrecht Delius MBA’89 D
Götz Möller MBA’98 D
Stuttgart Hans Breuninger MBA’83 D
Munich Sieglinde Oettl TGM’13 Feb
Marisa Rodrigues MBA’12 D

Contact sector heads directly or via our office.

Emerging Market Club

Ashutosh Kumar EMBA’05 Dec
INSEAD Private Equity Network
Patrick Flesner MBA’09 J
Kai Roolf MBA’09 J
Alumni in Real Estate Networking Association
Maximiliam Soltmann MBA’05 D
Healthcare Club
Energy Club
Stefan Heczko MBA’01 D
 IWiB INSEAD – INSEAD Women in Business Liza Kerschbaumer MBA’08D
Martine Meerkatt MBA’90D
Annika Rahm MBA’16D
 Angel Invest  Fabian Hansmann MBA’06D
Ashutosh Kumar EMBA’05 Dec
Dr. Stepa Weyand