Business & Society Community

In the years following World War II, Georges Doriot came up with the idea that the world needed a new kind of educational institution—one that united people, embraced diversity, and leveraged business to rebuild nations and promote peace. He envisioned an institution that could make a meaningful contribution to society. That institution was INSEAD.

In line with the launch of the Hoffman Global Institute for Business and Society, we are pleased to initiate creation of a community focused on “Business as a Force for Good”. This club seeks to bring together INSEAD alumni to support each others efforts as we explore meaningful action and impact, in 7 priority areas:

  1. Ethics
  2. Technology for Good
  3. Social Impact
  4. Sustainability
  5. Wealth Inequality
  6. Gender Balance
  7. Humanitarian operations

Contact [email protected] to  share with us your willingness to support the Business & Society Community as a speaker, moderator, or core team contributor in shaping INSEAD’s contribution to our common cause – Business as a Force for Good.

Read more on the Hoffman Global Institute for Business and Society’s Mission here


More than 60 attendees were part of the Kick-Off of the Ethics & Business Community at the IBM Watson IoT Center in München. ” Technology for Good” was the overarching theme starting with a fishbowl session with inspirations from firestarters:

  • Alessandra Hawthorne, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Angela Lawaldt, Partner, Bonventure Impact Investors
  • John Vasquez, Head of Software Development, IBM Internet of Things and
  • Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, Board of Directors, JaguarLandRover, Infineon, Continental, BMW, ASML, Nordex, Autoliv

With facilitation by Svenja Ruger from the ValueWeb, the group moved into break-out session to explore “Technology for Good” more closely in smaller groups under different angles: Youth, Workplace Automation, Automotive & Mobility, Compliance & Ethics and Social impact.

Lively discussions and inspiring viewpoints from all the participants made this a remarkable night of communication and interaction a great experience!

Special thanks to the contributions of the INSEAD Business & Society core team volunteers:

  • Moneshia zu Eltz and Michael Duesberg for leveraging their network and resources to formulate the event in a participatory way.
  • Johannes Eltz (INSEAD 2000) who enabled the event to be hosted by the IBM team at the IBM Munich IOT client collaboration center
  • Shruti Veenam and Joanna Wardzinski for volunteer management and communications
  • Also thrilled for the support of INSEAD Hoffman Institute, with participation by  Director Katell Le Goulven.