INSEADAlumn Ventures

INSEAD Alumni Deepak Shahdadpuri MBA’98D and Will Klippgen MBA’03D present InseadAlumn Ventures:

InseadAlum Ventures is a Singapore-based, independent early-stage investment firm investing up to SGD 200,000 at a time in global startups led by at least one INSEAD alumnus. The firm made its first investment into Switchee Ltd, a UK-based internet-of-things startup that revolutionises the management of social housing and helps residents save on energy costs. 

 InseadAlum Ventures is endorsed by Dean Ilian Mihov and is funded by INSEAD alumni as well as faculty. Deepak and Will have create a microsite at to show you which funders are related to which country. They started the investment firm after a series of conversations across several years around how INSEAD should do more to help alumni get their startups off the ground. The early involvement from key supporters like Prof. Claudia Zeisberger and the GPEI was key to making it all happen.