Get Involved

Dear Fellow Alumni,

As any local INSEADer can tell you, Hong Kong is a great place to network, and the INSEAD Hong Kong Alumni Association makes it fun and easy.

There are close to 800 INSEAD alumni living in Hong Kong with different backgrounds and experiences, similar to INSEAD itself. Throughout the year, we organize a wide range of events, including inter-school dinners, professional speaker events, community engagement, and other social activities.  We hope that you will get involved too – here is how:
  1. Make sure your contact details are updated on MyINSEAD portal, and that you have given us permission to contact you. This way you will automatically receive our email newsletters.
  2. Join our Facebook or LinkedIn Groups.  This is a great way to learn about upcoming social/professional networking events and to interact with other local INSEADers. (Partners can also join our Facebook group. Just let us know their names when requesting to join.)
  3. Come to our events. Go to MyINSEAD‘s Event tab for more details.
  4. Become a paid member of the INSEAD Hong Kong Alumni Association. This entitles you to discounted ticket prices and other membership benefits. Learn more and sign up here.
  5. Volunteer in our alumni community. We welcome any alumni who are willing to contribute a bit of time and energy. Please contact one of the committee members for more information.
New idea and feedback are always welcome. And if you have any questions, please contact us.

Derek Chang
INSEAD Hong Kong Alumni Association