28 New International Board Appointments of IDN Members

IDN Members Board & Corporate Governance Positions Announcement 1Q – 2019 

INSEADs Director Network, IDNis proud to share the recent appointments of board and corporate governance positions of our members, recognizing our members and the strength of our IDN network.

IDN members has been appointed to 28 new board positions in 15 countries, summing up to 154 position announcements since 2017.

The aim of the IDN network is to facilitate contacts, share insights and experiences on international board topics and promote excellence in corporate governance. 

IDN is a network of International Board Directors, where full membership is open to all INSEAD Alumni with appropriate directorship experience and is automatic for Certified Directors(IDP-C) from INSEADs International Directors Program (IDP). The IDN Network holds more than thousand board qualified members, of which 1021 has graduated from the IDP program and 677 has become certified IDP-C / IDBP-C.

IDN works closely with INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre,which undertakes cutting-edge research and teaching tailored to the needs of boards and international directors. It fosters a global dialogue on the challenges of corporate governance and leadership in an international context.

IDN Members New Board & Corporate Governance Positions

IDN members – Certified IDP-C Board Directors 

Doris Albisser – January 2018 – Board Member at Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich (Public Agency, Switzerland)

Beatriz Araujo – January 2018 – Chairman of the Board of Trustee on The Hispanic Luso & Brazilian Council (Private, HQ United Kingdom)

Aime Achard – July 2018- Member of the board at ECA (Etablissement Cantonal d’Assurance) (Public, HQ Switzerland)

Carsten Bennike – December 2018- Board Director at Bygma A/S and Bygma Group A/S (Private, HQ Denmark)

Stefan Buser – January 2019 – Chairman of the Board at Tineo AG (Private, HQ Switzerland)

Advait Chaturvedi – January 2019 – Board member at Nandvan Mega Food Park (Private, HQ India)

Katia Ciesielska – December 2018 – Independent Director at COFIBOL (Private, HQ Luxembourg)

Boris Gorella – August 2018 – Advisory Board Member at Hidden Champions Institute, ESMT (Private, Germany)

Richard Grotendorst – June 2018 – Supervisory Board Member (‘Aufsichtsratmitglied’) at Amer Sports Holding GmbH (Public, HQ Austria)

Fernand Grulms – July 2018 – Supervisory Board Director at Banque Havilland S.A. (Private, HQ Luxembourg)

Kim Haasbroek – January 2019 – Supervisory Board Director at SAREF Residential Fund & SAREF Retial Fund (Private, HQ)

Cleopatra Kitti – December 2019 – Non-Executive Board Director at Eurobank Cyprus (Private Subsidury, HQ Cyprus/Greece) and Chairman of ESG Committee at Louis PLC (Public, HQ Cyprus)

Eric Magrini – December 2018 Non Executive Board Member C+F Confectionery and Foods SA (Private, HQ Netherlands/Italy)

Philippe Moschetta– January 2019 – Economic Advisor Board Member at French Arabian Business School (FABS) (Private, HQ Bahrain)

Helen Pitcher OBE – February 2019 – Non-Executive Director & Chair Remuneration Committee at C&C Group plc (Public, HQ United Kingdom)

Christiane Schloderer – December 2018 – Trustee Board Member at German International School Abu Dhabi (Not for Profit, HQ United Arab Emirates)
Elton Simoes – December 2018 – Vice Chair and President-Elect at The Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, ADRIC (Professional Body, Canada)

Emiliano Tonelli – 2018 – Board Director at Gruppo Fabbri Vignola (private, HQ Italy)

George Antony Vadakkekara – August 2018 –  Board Director at Belstar Investment & Finance Limited – (Private, HQ India)

IDN Members – Board Directors 

Andrew Crane – April – October 2018 – Non-Executive Director RAC WA (Mutual, HQ Australia), Viridis Ag, Lawson Grains and SunRIce (All Private, HQ Australia) and Chancellor at Curtain University (Government, HQ Australia)

Ram Mohan – January 2019 – Board Member at Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC), (Agency, HQ Netherlands)

Previous board position announcements by shared by IDN;
November 2018  July 2018  April 2018  January 2018   October 2017

On behalf of the INSEAD Directors’ Network Board,

Liselotte Engstam,
IDN Board Member, Chair Communication Committee
[email protected]

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INSEAD Directors’ Network: https://blogs.insead.edu/idpn-globalclub
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