BOP – Application Submission Form

The Board Opportunities Programme is a complimentary service to IDN Members.

Please provide all relevant application details in full privacy and submit the completed form via this web page.
The details provided in this form are used exclusively for the purpose of informing the recruiting entity about the applications submitted.
We hence encourage all applicants to read the role posting in detail, and submit their application in an as targetted manner as possible.

->  All candidates either have to be INSEAD IDP Certified (IDP-C), or participants in the IDP Programme with a prospective graduation date.
->  Contact information and CV’s provided by applicants will be made available ‘as is’ to the recruiting entity, and in accordance to the desired pre-screening requirements.

Note: We will do our best to keep you informed about the progress in the recruiting process.
However, please be advised that we are dependend on the recruiting entity to share such information with us in first place.

Lastly: We would greatly appreciate if you would share any experience you’ve made with us, so that we can keep improving our services to our membership.

Thank you for your support of this initiative.

Board Opportunities Programme (BOP) - Candidate Submission Form

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