Events / Corporate Governance vs Business Governance, Milano

Corporate Governance vs Business Governance, Milano

May 9, 2016
12:00 am - 12:00 am

ICGI-Alumni event: “Managing Dualities: Corporate Governance vs Business Governance”

9 May 2016, Milano, Italy

How do corporations and boards balance the dualities of corporate governance and business goals, such as corporate governance versus execution, growth versus profit and long term versus the shorter term views? INSEAD’s Ludo Van Der Heyden will provide insightful answers and cases in a keynote speech with Q&A, followed by a networking dinner. Offered exclusively for IN-BOARD alumni and graduates of INSEAD’s International Directors Programme, this learning event is an excellent opportunity to share experiences with other board members.

Organised by Hans Hoegstedt (IDP-C) and Carlo Montenovesi (MBA, Member of the INSEAD National Council).

Upon invitation (please mention you are IDP-C or IDP). Italian IDPs received an invitation. If you are traveling to the region or wish to suggest senior contact to attend contact us.

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