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INSEAD Directors Network Webinar – Innovation in the Boardroom

October 9, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

For IDN Members Exclusively

Innovation in the Boardroom
Webinar on October 9 at 12-13.30 CET (Fontainbleau time)

Innovation and corporate renewal also disrupt boards.

We invite all IDN members to join the IDN webinar on October 9 under the theme “Innovation in the Boardroom”.

Invitation to Survey

As preparation for the webinar, and independent if you can attend, you are invited to fill in a related survey. The survey is a continuation of the academic research by INSEAD and KTH, and aims to further explore boards contribution to corporate renewal and innovation. The survey will take approx 15 min to fill in, all data will be held confidential, and you can opt in to receive a report with the findings. Click here to fill in the survey: To the Board Innovation Survey. 

Companies need to respond with new strategies, increased agility and new innovations to adapt to the fast changing business environment. Boards of directors collectively assume the legal responsibility for a company, including its future. Now innovation and corporate renewal also disrupt boards.

At the webinar will listen to the findings from a research project exploring best practices at transformative boards and the practical experiences from leading board professionals on ways to adjust the board work. And we will invite webinar participants to share their experiences.


  • Value adding boards contribution to corporate renewal and innovation, insights from a two year research project – INSEAD governance professor Ludo Van der Heyden and IDN board member, Chair/NED Liselotte Engstam
  • Experience as Innovative NED at European Boards – IDN Netherland Ambassador, Chair/NED Fennemiek Gommer
  • Benefits for board members and companies of engaging with startups – Nordic IN-Board Leader, Chair/NED, CEO Fintech Accelerator Susanne Hannestad

We will listen to
Ludo Van der Heyden, Professor INSEAD professor, one of the worlds most experienced Governance Professors engaged in many research projects, including research project “Boards Contribution to Corporate Renewal and Innovation”
Liselotte Engstam, IDP-C, IDN board member, Chair/NED at listed and private companies, advisor and affiliated researcher, including above mentioned research project
Fennemiek Gommer, IDP-C, Chair/NED at multiple companies, IDN Ambassador Netherlands, Partner at Innovation agency Caracta,
Susanne Hannestad, Chair/NED at multiple, Ceo Fintech Mundi, Nordic INSEAD Alumni INBOARD Leader

Invite shared with IDN members,

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