Events / Open Invite: IDN Webinar “Driving Tech for Good: The role of Company Boards”

Open Invite: IDN Webinar “Driving Tech for Good: The role of Company Boards”

September 12, 2020
2:00 am - 3:00 am

Open Invitation for INSEAD Directors Network Webinar on “Driving Tech for Good: The role of Company Boards”


Join the unique and inspiring INSEAD Directors Network*  WebinarDriving Tech for Good: The role of company boardswith a truly global panel from US, Australia, Switzerland and Sweden. Join us at Sept 11/12 at 10 am ACT/ 8 am SGT / 2 am CEST/ 1 am BST / 5pm PDT/ 8pm EST . Please register here:


Companies and Societies are facing major disruption. Exploring and governing technology for good will be a major issue for organizations going forward. Boards are the ultimately responsible for the strategy and ensuring the transition.


This hour we have brought together a global top panel of experienced board members to discuss the challenges and best practices for boards to ensure that organizations progress the organizations technology for good agenda, and how the INSEAD Directors Network is supporting their challenges. The panel which are all experienced board directors, includes the IDN Ambassadors from US and Australia, technology experienced Board and IDN Members and is facilitated by one of the IDN Board Members.


Helen Gillies IDP-C’14Sep, AMP’11Jul
Independent Board Board director at two listed and three private companies and IDN Ambassador Australia.





Mary Francia IDP-C’14Apr, Partner Board Practice Leader at Odgers Berndtson US and IDN Ambassador US






Dimitri Chichlo GEMBA 17, Independent Board Director, Chair of Operations and Digital Committee, CEO of Cybersecurity consulting firm AddSecure. IDN Member.






Liselotte Engstam IDP-C’15Oct, Independent Board Director & Chair at three listed & two private companies, INSEAD Alumni & Board Member at INSEAD Directors Network & at INSEAD Alumni Network Sweden. Experienced facilitator, including global live interactive webinars at IDN since 2015.




Karen Loon IDP-C, experienced NED, former PwC Partner and IDN Board Member will support the Q&A.







*The Global Club INSEAD Directors Network, IDN, has the mission to foster excellent corporate governance through networking, communication and self-improvement. IDN is an active club with 1600+ international board directors as members, who continuously discusses the most current and challenging board issues in global webinars, local and regional meetings, on its website and on social media.


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