Dec 1 12-13 CET IDN Webinar “Getting the first board mandate” with Lorenza Di Giovanni, IDP-C, Exec Search, IDN Ambassador Italy, Luigi Passamonti, IDP-C, NED, IDN Ambassador Austria, Susana Gomes Smith, IDP-C, NED, IDN Ambassador Portugal, Helen Wiseman, IDP-C, NED, IDN Board Facilitated by IDN Board Member Liselotte Engstam

IDN Webinar: Fit for Generations – Creating and Leading Family Business Boards Family firms account for a majority of global companies, they provide 70% of the global GDP and 60% of global employment. They are a key driver of global business and growth, so their sustained long-term value creation is important for the global economy […]

IDN Webinar: Board Diversity Implications and Discussion   Numerous studies have demonstrated that greater diversity in the boardroom and organisations will lead to an improvement in business outcomes.  However, despite efforts, progress to increase diversity has been slow.  What is holding progress back?  Further, with increasing focus by stakeholders on greater board and organisational diversity, […]

IDN Webinar: IDN Introduction & Discussions on Hybrid Corporate Governance structures and board practices   IDN Introduction to new IDN members followed by interactive discussions in breakout rooms on the topics of Hybrid Corporate Governance structures and board practices , aligned with the ICGC INSEAD Directors Forum   Invitation will be shared with IDN members and […]

IDN Webinar: Successful Family Business Boards – Best practice discussion with the IDN Network   Join the IDN webinar and discuss with other IDN Network members about how to improve Family Business Boards and learn from global experiences.   A strategic overview on emerging family business boards practices and framing of the discussion will be […]

IDN Webinar: Board Coaching and Dynamics Board work practices are changing at rapid pace. Chair need to understand coaching of both CEO and Board Members, Board Members need to understand coaching of both CEO and broader management team. The dynamics in the board room is increasingly hard to handle during time pressed meetings.   What […]