Governance in a Disrupted World

This blogpost is shared as part of a series of insights from INSEAD Directors Network, based on INSEAD Directors Forum October 2018 and roundtable discussions held there. The Directors Forum Round Table Discussions were held with IDN members led by IDN board members or IDN Ambassadors.


What changing forces are shaping today’s governance?

Disruption is shaping the global business climate, why the role of the board is becoming increasingly challenging, yet important


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At INSEAD Directors Network, IDN, we are gathering for a two day thought-leadership event, INSEAD Directors Forum,  IDF 2018, under the theme “Governance in a Disrupted World” to adress the trends, challenges, opportunities and share experiences amongst board members, directors, academic experts and top executives. 

We will scan the current landscape in corporate governance, discuss and exchange insights on the crucial role corporate governance plays, and how to be an effective board member and chair in such an environment. 
Our event follows closely after INSEADs newly announced strategic shift, with the focus of “Business As a Force for Good.  INSEAD is committed to develop the next generation of global leaders who will change the world, that also includes the next generation of international board directors. 
We can learn from what INSEAD already has shared as Seven ways businesses can be a force for good;
  • Leaders need to walk the talk
  • Help raise public awareness on sustainability through partnerships
  • Pick a UN sustainability goal and imbed it in the business strategy
  • Dream Big: Circular Economy
  • Tap into employees’ core competencies and build a successful social impact program
  • Look into the needs of the world and unlock new growth opportunities
  • Every little effort counts
At our INSEAD Directors Forum we will meet Members of IDN, our certified international board directors (IDP-C) , our regional IDN ambassador  and our IDN Board .
We will kick off the IDF 2018 with round table exchanges on the exciting and current topics of 
  • technology impact on strategy and business models
  • cyber resilience governance
  • culture governance
  • risk and strategy alignment
  • short & long term focus on innovation and capital allocation
  • manage geopolitical and regulatory changes
  • balance disruption and long term value creation
  • accelerate board effectiveness

From these topics we will format insights for our board work and future development.

We will the together with INSEAD Corporate Governance Center, ICGC and INSEAD Academia explore topics as the Trends in the current Corporate Governance Landscape, how we can handle Disruption at board and executive level. We will deep dive into how we need to frame Emerging Risks on the Board Agendas, including Business Risks, Environmental, Social, Governance Risks, Cyber and Technology and Reputation Risks. We will dive further into Shareholder Activism, Emerging trends of effective Chairs, Challenges in Chair Diversity.

We will debate, exchange and share experiences and form new relationships that we can use as supporting network and draw on as we continue to drive for IDNs mission Corporate Governance Excellence.  

Prepare for the journey onwards

There are several sources we can use to prepare, as responsible and insightfulI International Board Directors and here are some of them; 

Governance Talks by ICGC (Videos);

with Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD Chaired Professor in Corporate Governance

Board Performance: An All to Human Challenge
with Professor Jaap Winter, INSEAD

Articles and reports;

Global trends 2017-22. AtKearney 2017
A time for boards to act. McKinsey Mar 2018


We look forward to continue the discussion!

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Liselotte Engstam is a a Certified Director IDP-C from INSEAD International Directors Programme and Board Member of INSEAD Directors Network, IDN. Ms Engstam is Chair & Non Executive Board Director at listed & private companies,  advisor to European Commission on digitalisation of Corporate Governance & coaches leaders and startups. 


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More insight from INSEAD Directors Network, will be shared based on INSEAD Directors Forum 2018, Round Table Discussions – Look out for more upcoming blogposts!