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April 26 12.15-13.30 Intro to IDN & “Dynamic Board work for a Volatile Era”

May 17 12-13 CET Successful Family Business Boards – Best Practice Discussion

June 23 Board Coaching and Dynamics

More webinar themes planned for 2021, some ideas

  • Building Your Board Portfolio
  • Boards role in Purpose and Strategy development
  • Mission critical and materiality, defining the broader risk
  • Boards reposition and innovation guidance
  • Employee representatives on boards
  • Committees – nomination, people/remco, audit/risk
  • Shareholder requirement, engagement and activism


If you are an IDN Member or IDN Partner with a questions or suggestion on contribution to a future IDN Webinar, contact [email protected].

The Webinars are held for the IDN Network exclusively, and invites shared via mail. For upcoming webinars see our event calendar.


Below you find a list of the previously held INSEAD Director Network Webinar’s.

Previously held INSEAD Director Network Webinar’s.

The IDN Webinar Archive, with ability to see the webinars afterwards, is available via the login section of the IDN website here. (If you are and IDN member and lost the password, contact [email protected]). All INSEAD Alumni with Board and Corporate Governance interest may become member of IDN, read more about that here.

  • Mar 31 “Board Diversity, implications and discussions” with NED Karen Loon
  • Mar 8  “Fit for Generations, creating and leading family business boards” Distinguished fellow INSEAD Martin Roll, Board Members Christian Sievert and Marina Niforos
  • Feb 8 Modern Chair Practices” Prof Stanislav Shekshnia, Chair, NED IDP-C President IDN Helen Pitcher OBE, Liselotte Engstam Chair NED Researcher
  • Jan 19 Why some Boards Add Value and Some Don’t” togeher with Lifelong Learning, with Denise Koopmans Chair NED, IDP-C, IDN Award Winner, Roy Ling NED, investor, IDN Member Hagen Schweinitz, IDP-C, NED Exec Search
  • Dec 10 “Year Gone By with IDN President Helen Pitcher OBE, New Board Practices & Christmas Mingle 
  • Dec 1 Getting the first board mandate” Lorenza Di Giovanni, IDP-C, Exec Search, IDN Ambassador Italy, Luigi Passamonti, IDP-C, NED, IDN Ambassador Austria, Susana Gomes Smith, IDP-C, NED, IDN Ambassadoru Portugal, Helen Wiseman, IDP-C, NED, IDN Board
  • Nov 20 Sustainability and Climat in Strategy and Board Agenda” Lise Kingo, NED, IDP-C and prev UN Global Compact, Fredrica Ruzzi, Sust Dir Moncler, Stig P Christensen Chair, NED, IDP-C, Silvio Dulinski WEF
  • Nov 4, 2020 – Corporate Governance in Africa with Meshak Joram, Alan Barr, Lucy Surhyel Newman and Adrian Moors
  • Oct 16, 2020  IDF, AGM and IDN Session on Board Dynamic Capabilities facilitated discussion with entire IDN Network
  • Sept 28, 2020 Digital Board Committees with Amry Antenen and Dimitri Chichlo
  • Sept 11, 2020 – Board/Ambassador panel on Boards & Tech for good, with Mary Francia, Dimitri Chichlo and Helen Gillies
  • June 30, 2020 Redefining Sustainability Governace in Covid-19 Crisis  and IDN Session
  • June 11,2020 15-16 CET Corona Crisis – Accelerating the end of Shareholder Primacy with prof Shekschnia, Loflin , facilitated by Helen Pitcher OBE (INSEAD Alumni arrangement)
  • June 9, 2020 12-13  CET Boards role in Cyberresilience with Katja Severin Danielsson and Dimitiri Chichlo
  • Talent on the Board Agenda” on May 18 with IDN President, Chair NED Helen Pitcher OBE IDP-C & Mary Sue Rogers, IDP-C NED.
  • Blueprint for Crises Management in light of COVID-19 and Board Experiences” on April 22, 2020 with Professor Emeritus Ludo Van Der Heyden and Helen Wiseman, NED, Audit Chair, IDN Board Member.
  • Boards role in AI Leadership for a Sustainable Business” on April 17, 2020 with Prof Robin Teigland, Prof Stanislav Shekshnia and NED, Chair, Researcher Liselotte Engstam
  • What can boards do to handle the human, supply chain and financial effects of a Pandemi” on Mar 31 with Partner Hong Pek and Marc Phillip, PWC Singapore and Karen Loon IDP-C, NED, IDN Board Member.
  • The value adding Board – the profound impact of ownership structure on Board’s work, mindset and profile” on Feb 17, 2020, with Torben Ballegaars Sorensen and IDN member. Torben is an experienced CEO, professional board member and author and Frans Cornelis IDP-C, NED.
  • Changing role of Boards and Audit Committees” Nov 20, with Helen Wiseman, NED, Audit Chair, IDN Board Member and Xavier Bedolet, NED Audit Chair and Belgium IDN Ambassador. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Innovation in the Boardroom” Oct 9, 2019, with Prof Ludo Van Der Heyden, Liselotte Engstam, Chair/NED, IDP-C, IDN Board Member & affiliated researcher, Fennemiek Gommer Chair/NED & Partner Caracta, IDN Netherlands Ambassador and Susanne Hannestad, CEO Fintech Accellerator and Nordic INBOARD Leader. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Boards role in guiding Corporate Culture for Strategy Alignment” Mar 19, 2019, with Magali Depras, Chief of Strategy TC Transcontinental, MBA, IDP-C, President IAA Canada and Kay Formanek, CEO Kay Diversity & Performance, INSEAD Faculty on Diversity. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Sustainability in the Boardroom and investor ESG focus” Feb 18, 2019 with Pamela Ravasio, IDP-C, and Sophie Beric . IDInvest Partners. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • “Writing a Board CV – Doing Yourself justice when applying for board roles” January 2019, with Rowena Ironside – Chair of women on Board UK and  Sandrine Roseberg – Managing Partner, CEO & Board Practice UK,  Host Mary Francia, IDN Board and Fiona Hathorn IDP-C. Host Mary Francia, IDN Board.
  • “Multi-cultural impact on Boards and Boardrooms”, November 2018 with Saskia Kunsts, IDP-C & NED, Simone-Eva Redrupp, INSEAD Professor. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board
  • Technology & Blockchain impact for Board Directors”, October, 2018, with Hagen Schweinitz, IDP 25.2, Senior Client Partner Korn Ferry. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • What is Expected of a new Board member?”Sept, 2018, with Ben Verwaayen Partner at Keen Venture Partners LLP. Chairman & NED at Various. and Elin Hurvenes, Founder of Professional Boards Forum (PBF). Host Mary Francia, IDN Board.
  • Networking Strategies to a Seat on the Board”, June 2018, with Helen Pitcher (IDP-C, President IDN, Chair Advanced Boardroom Excellence, Pladis Global & KidsOut and Judit Eden (IDP-C), NED at ICBC Standard Bank, Invest UK and Flood Re. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Cybersecurity Governance“, May, 2018, with Dominic Nixon (IDP-C, Board Member IDN), Global Former FS Risk Leader at PWC and Vincent Loy, Managing Director Accenture, Former APAC Financial Crime and Practice Leader at PWC. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • GDPR for Boards- Are you prepared?”April 2018, with Alison Gaines (IDP-C, Vice Chair IDN) and Nick Pantlin, Miriam Everett and Andrew Moir from Law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • D&O for new Directors – what you need to know as you accept a new board role“, March 2018 with Elaine Aarons, David Guin, Mabel Lui from WithersWorldWide. Host Mary Francia, IDN Board.
  • Strategy Portfolio Management for boards in disruptive times”, February 2018, with Antonio Nieto Rodriguez (IDP-C, IDP16), Denise Koopmans (IDP-C , IDP10). Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Startup Boards – their Operations and Board Member Recruitment“, December 2017, with Louise Nicolin, Fabio Mondini de Focatiis (both IDP-C). Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Making Board 50:50 a Reality” IW50 INSEAD/IDN event held Nov 23 2017 in UK, with participation of IDN President Helen Pitcher.
  • Cybersecurity and the role of the Board” September 2017, with Mikko Niemela and Rick Howell (both IDP 17). Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • A discussion on Legal Responsibility of Directors: board role and context”, June 2017, with Jaap Winter, Visiting Faculty on Corporate Governance. Host Christoper de Mattos.
  • A discussion on Board Earnings & Trends on Director Compensation“, May 2017, with Bill Reilly & Simon Patterson, Pearl Meyer, & Mary Francia (IDP-C).
  • Increasing Role of Boards in Overseeing Strategic Projects” April 2017, by Professor Ludo Van der Heyden and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (IDP-C). Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Increasing geopolitical risks and the impact on boards” March 2017, by professor Douglas Webber and PWC Partner Gey Widengren (IDP-C). Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • What’s at Play, when challenged at Fair Process Leadership?“,January 2017, by Frans Cornelis, IDP-C, Founder CoMarCo BV. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • “Evaluating the Individual Contribution of Directors, with Spencer Stuart”,December 2016, by Bertand Richard, lead of Spencer Stuart for France and co-lead of the Board Practice in Europe. Host Mary Francia, IDN Board.
  • How might boards disrupt the disruption?“, November 2016, by Robert Gordon, IDP-C, Founder & Director Board Accord. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Forward Looking Board – is Digital Changing Board work?“,September 2016, by Liselotte Engstam, Denise Koopmans, Bruno Lanvin, Christopher de Mattos and Muriel Larvaron. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Are regulators asking too much of NEDs, a perspective on UK governance“, June 2016, by Helen Pitcher. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Value Creation in Australian Boardroom“, May 2016, by Alison Gaines. Host Liselotte Engstam, IDN Board.
  • Advocate and Connect: How to navigate the Board recruitment process“,  February 2016, by Caroline Jellinck. Host Mary Francia, IDN Board.
  • Advocate and Connect: Multinational Board Resume Writing (a US perspective)“, September 2015, by Cheryl Lynch Simpson. Host Mary Francia, IDN Board.