INSEAD Directors Network 2018 Year End Message

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Presidents Message  

Wishing all of our Network, INSEAD Alumni and Partners a Wonderful Christmas and New Year.
This year has been another fantastic year of growth and development upon our journey to become the Leading force for good in Corporate Governance and Board Behavior and Dynamics.

We have a growing list of members who have qualified and attained the Insead Directors Program Certification, IDP-C and more broadly attended other programmes related to continuing Board education delivered by INSEAD Corporate Governance Center, ICGC, as well as a growing number of members from the wider INSEAD alumni engaged in board work and Corporate Governance. Our Ambassadors and Board members (all volunteers) work closely in country with the members of our Network, hosting topical dinners and events, often in association with the local National Alumni; with powerful results.

I want to thank everyone for their support, the School, the IAA, National Alumni’s, our Ambassadors and my fellow existing and previous Board members as well as our Partners who contributed to our success. We are looking to extend our partnership base with some selective partners, to ensure we become a true force for good in Governance.

 Have a really great festive season surrounded I hope by your loved ones.

Helen Pitcher OBE, President IDN

IDN 2018 Summary

INSEAD Directors Network, IDN is a fast expanding INSEAD Global Club, a truly global vibrant network of international board members and corporate governance experts, now including almost 1000 members. Our members are truly making an impact and we are proud to have announced that our IDN members has been appointed to 98 new board positions in more than 15 countries so far during 2018!

Members have engaged in our Advocate & Connect Board Search service.

We have shared governance insights and engaged via our external IDN LinkedIn page, and our IDN Twitter account.

Our IDN ambassadors has organized numerous local insight and networking events. In addition, we have organized 8 global webinarson trending board topics, adding to the previous 14, where some of our own IDN members and INSEAD professors have shared their experiences, as well as external guest speakers.

We met at the INSEAD Directors Forums in Singapore in February and in Fontainebleau in October, where we held our AGM and Governance Round Table Discussions. The Governance Round Table Discussions with IDN members on current board topics were led by IDN Board Members and IDN Ambassadors.We are sharing some of the insights from the Round Table leaders in a series of Blog Posts at our IDN website. The first three shared covers

IDN 2019 Plans

2019 we believe will be an important year when INSEAD continue to emphasize that we need to use Business as a Force for Good and IDN will support with our theme of Governance for Good in a Changing World.

INSEAD Directors Forum

Corporate Governance is still in transformation, continuing to align to the major trends impacting our businesses and societies as digitalisation, globalisation and sustainability. See our President Helen Pitcher, OBE when she shares her insights on current trends in corporate governance.

We will continue our successful and close collaboration with INSEAD Corporate Governance Center, ICGC  and increase our collaboration with the rest of the INSEAD Alumni community.

We will continue to network at the ICGC arranged INSEAD Director Forums arranged by ICGC, the next one planned IDF February 25-26 in Singapore. and another IDF in Fontainebleau during the autumn.  We will network at local INSEAD Alumni events and local IDN events arranged by our IDN Ambassadors.

Weare also initiating a unique board member mentoring scheme 2019 for our members, and we will continue to share our IDN members new board appointments on quarterly basis.

We will share our findings in blogposts from our Governance Round Table Discussions, as well as from our upcoming webinars,on topics as

·      Align risk management with strategy & operating performance but also with reward & remuneration,

·      Assess & oversee cyber resilience from the board,

·      Balance short & long term focus on innovation & capital allocation,

·      Balance governance of disruption & long term value creation for stakeholders

·      Accelerate board effectiveness through composition, committee structure, processes, tools & assessments

·      Balance governance of disruption & long term value creation for stakeholders

We progress with our global Webinars on current board topics exclusive for our IDN members and INSEAD Alumni and start already in early January;

January 10; Writing a Board CV – Doing Yourself justice when applying for board roleswith Sandrine Roseberg, Heidrick & Struggles and Rowena Ironside, Chair of women on Board UK. Hosted by IDN members Mary Francia and Fiona Hathorn.

February 18; Business as a Force for good – Sustainability in the Board roomwith Dr Pamela Ravasio, IDP-C and more

MarchBusiness as a Force for Good – Value of Diversity for Boards

AprilGovernance Innovation – Governance in Entrepreneurial Companies

MayGovernance in a Changing world,Committees and Advisory Boards

JuneLeading Boards and Stakeholder Perspectives

We will continue to share insights and engage with Partners, IDN members and Governance experts via our external IDN LinkedIn page, and we will continue to communicate daily on corporate governance via our IDN Twitter account,helping modern board directorskeep updated and be better positioned for board work inthe digital era.

We are increasing collaboration in several areas with partners, and if you are pondering on how to partner with us, listen to the partnership invite from our IDN President Helen Pitcher OBE.

Our IDN members have access to insightsincluding videos, podcasts, articles and research, as well as webinar archives, discussion forums and more via our exclusive member resourcesat our IDN website.

If you are not yet part of our global international board director network, you can explore how to become a member.

IDN Year End message

We want to conclude our year with sharing some inspiration on topics we believe will be in focus for boards the coming year from the ICGC Series called Governance talks. as Boardroom Digital Transformation and Board Performance – an all to Human Challenge.

 We like to thank all our engaged IDN members, INSEAD Alumni and Partners and wish you all a successful end of 2018 and a prosperous 2019!

The IDN Board

Helen Pitcher OBE, Dominic Nixon, Mary Francia, Christopher de Mattos, Alison Gaines, Antonio Nieto Rodrigues, Thomas Seale and Liselotte Engstam


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