INSEAD Directors’ Network Members on 37 new International Board positions

IDN Members Board Position Announcement 2Q – 2018 

INSEADs Director Network, IDN,  proudly share the recent appointments of board and corporate governance positions of our members, underlining the recognition of our members and the strength of our IDN network.

IDN members were appointed to 37 new board positions in 14 different countries, adding to the 58 previously shared, summing up to 95 position announcements since 2017.

IDN is a network of International Board Directors, where full membership is automatic for Certified Directors (IDP-C) from INSEADs International Directors Program (IDP) and is open to all INSEAD Alumni with appropriate directorship experience. The aim of the IDN network is to facilitate contacts, share insights and experiences on international board topics and promote excellence in corporate governance. 

To date, IDP has been completed by 938 participants, with 555 certified IDP-C directors from 58 countries. (Some few members announced today have IDP-C pending, planned for October 2018).

IDN works closely with INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre,which undertakes cutting-edge research and teachingtailored to the needs of boards and international directors. It fosters a global dialogue on the challenges of corporate governance and leadership in an international context.

INSEAD Directors’ Network – Members New Board & Corporate Governance Positions

Carole Ackerman – May 2018 – Supervisory Board Director at BKW AG (Public, HQ Switzerland)

Abdullah AIMutrif  – Dec 2017 – March 2018) – Board Director at “Eastern Yields Investment Co.” (Private, HQ Saudi Arabia) and “JEEVES of BELGRAVIA” (Private, HQ Saudi Arabia)

Natalisio Almeida – June 2018 – Supervisory Board Director at DATAPREV (State Owned, HQ Brazil)

Mary Antenen – April 2018 – Board Director at Caixa Geral de Depósitos (State owned, HQ Portugal) 

Livia Amidani Aliberti – April 2018 – Supervisory Board Director at Unicredit Bank (Private, HQ Austria 

William Blomme – May 2018 – Supervisory Board Director & Chair Audit Committee at Fiat Chrysler – Finance Europe and Case New Holland (both Private, HQ Luxembourg) 

Michel Darnaud – April2018 – Supervisory Board Director at Aditlys (Private, HQ Switzerland)  

Denise D’Elia – April 2018 – Chairwoman at Carers of Lewisham (Charity, HQ UK)

Rutger Groot – October 2016 – May 2018– Chairman East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation and Chairman HR Committee & Supervisory Board Member at East- West Seed (both Private, HQ Thailand) 

Victoria Hingre- April 2018 – Board Director at Hu-Man (Private, HQ Belgium)

Thomas Hürlimann– May 2018 – Board Director at WiseKey (Public, HQ Switzerland)

Caroline Jellink – 2016 – Vice Chair and Chair Governance Committee at Social Venture Partners (Not for Profit, HQ Canada)

Francis Kint – December 2016 – Supervisory Board member at ARDO NV (Private, HQ Belgium)

Johan, Kördel – March 2018 – Supervisory Board Director at Acacia Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Public, HQ UK)

Virginie Lagrange – March – June 2018 – Board Director & Chair Audit Committee at Société Générale Bank and Trust (Private, HQ France) and Board Director & Audit Committee member at Banque de Patrimoines Privés (Private, HQ Andorra) 

Christopher de Mattos –March 2018 – Non-Executive Board Director at Fintech Innovation AS (Private, HQ Norway)

Hansruedi Müller – April 2017- June 2018 – Chairman of Energie Zürichsee-Linth AG (Public, HQ Switzerland/CH) & Erdgas Obersee-Linth Transport AG (Private, HQ CH), Vice-Chairman of A. Aegerter & Dr. O Bosshardt AG (Private, HQ CH) & AeBo Holding AG (Private, HQ CH) & Supervisory Board Member of NSNW AG (Public, HQ CH) & AAGL AG (Public, HQ CH)

Louise Nicolin – May 2018 – Non-Executive Board Director at Simris Alg AB (Public – HQ Sweden)

Mario Paterlini – April 2018- Board Director at ERG Spa (Public, HQ Italy)

Mary Sue Rogers – January 2018 – Non-Executive Director and Chair HR Committee at Save the Children Australia (NGO, HQ Australia)

Philip Spriet – May 2018 – Chairman at Pure Value (Private, HQ Belgium)

Steen Stavnsbo – May 2018 – Board Member at FOF, Aarhus (Private, HQ Denmark)

Aude Thibaut de Maisieres – January 2018 – Chairwoman at Medical Aid Films (Charity, HQ UK)

Anders Tullgren– Oct 2017- April 2018 – Chairman at Xbrane AB (Public, HQ Sweden) and at Trialbee AB (Private , HQ Sweden), Non-Exectuive Director at Branding Science LTD(Private, HQ UK) and at Symphogen AS, Chairman at Trialbee AB (Private , HQ Sweden) 

Isabelle de Wismes – April 2018 – Non Executive Board Director Unicredit Group (Public, HQ Italy)

Previous board position announcements by shared by IDN;
April 2018  January 2018   October 2017

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